Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Free" Products... Thanks fo Chatterbox!!!

Free Toys from Chatterbox (Cottage): Turned into "Free" toys... I needed some Bazzill cardstock & ...well - other stuff?!:


Yeah... well - my husband knows that this is never quite true! I received my winning packet of Chatterbox supplies with much anticipation today! I was so excited to see that square envelope in my dh hands...

I will admit - I am a slave to the double page layout... so what began as 'free' product, turned into a trip to the Scrapbook store and about $30 later - (and a Blackberry Green Tea Frap from Starbuck's - to help Fuel those creative juices) - I am ready to have a Happy Scrappy Saturday!!! My husband is out running errands (and watching sports on TV somewhere most likely...) and my daughter is over at a friends... so yes - a Saturday with no one home, an air-conditioned basement scrap area (somewhat picked up?!) and a boat load of new product to play with!!! I am gonna crank up my Jack Johnson CD, suck down my 'lunch' and get Scrappin'!!!!

Have a great day!

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Natalie said...

Sounds like a GREAT way to spend a Saturday!!! Hope you had fun!!!