Thursday, December 21, 2006

Festival of Lights... and Laughter, and, um... wild cats?

Hey there...

Last night we enjoyed lighting the Hanukkah Lights, reading the nightly blessings and scriptures, (playing the Dreidel game) and just enjoying the Peace that seems to come over us each time we sit and relax and reflect over the Lights, and our little Manger scene too!

BEFORE the relaxing evening sitting by candlelight... we did venture out of the house. Kayelyn and I had a slow lazy morning... as I worked on some website stuff and she continually cracked me up... I mean literally laughing out loud - um - loudly - cracking up! The girl is hysterical!? Great entertainment! She has this new trick... I hate it... absolutely hate it... it tends to take the wind out of my sails. Whenever I am trying to discipline her... she manages to just look at me this one way - and it crack me up - every time! Even when I know it is coming and I am really really mad... sort of diffuses the situation!? Sure - it does lighten the mood... and yes - there have been a few times I have had to discipline her while we are both laughing hysterically - which sort of takes the wind out of HER sails. Still... I guess it is a gift... and way much better than yelling and screaming!?

Speaking of yelling and screaming... I had BARELY poured my cup of coffee yesterday morning when I heard a LOUD crash next door. Well - 'next door' means my parents' house and so I felt like I should go over and check. They are not by any means OLD - but they are at that age where they should not fall or make loud noises that I can hear next door?! LOL!? Anyway - my Mom beat me and I saw her in her jammies running to my house for help... turns out one of 'her' strays (...yes - my Mom has become THAT woman! LOL!) anyway - one of the wild cats braved its way into the house... and then immediately FREAKED out!? She feeds maybe 2 dozen stray cats and kittens several times a day... none of them have EVER braved their way into the Feeding house... they all patiently (and not so patiently) wait by her door, on my BBQ, staring in her windows, ...if she wakes long enough - they will move to MY window for no reason whatsoever?! Anyway - this poor cat made her way in and, for the life of her - or maybe several lives - could not find her way back OUT the wide open door! She managed to attempt to scale the cabinets and counter tops, race around the entire upper level of the house and finally scrunched herself into a corner and cried... it took maybe 5 minutes to get her all worked up again and manage to catch her in a box... which we slowly slid towards the door and she managed to escape (with the box for a few seconds!) and run across the yard, under the neighbors fence and beneath their deck. I suspect she is STILL there!?

Anyway - after THAT - I was awake... and we did manage to get to the Library, Bank, Post Office, and Gym. Today we are off to a matinee - Charlotte's Web. I cannot find my @#!* waterproof mascara... so that will be pretty I am sure!? I think we'll go to Red Robin for lunch afterwards as long as I am not streaked in black... it should be fun. I am sure next week we will be featured at yet another matinee - probably the new Ben Stiller Museum movie... I will have to wait and read the reviews first! (You just never know what Ben will 'bring'!?)

So... that is my lengthy and yet full of fluff update! LOL!

Have a Great Day!


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