Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just for Darcie...

LOL! Well... Darcie asked for an update with photo's of new projects...
maybe she didn't read the part where I said I did not take any pictures in Wallyworld
and that I am all caught up?!

Still... I aim to please... so here are my other current layouts that I did using the

Thanksgiving Tags/Place cards that I made for this year!

Other than these... I think I have showed you all my projects...
I am now working on updating my website... I also just bought a new domain. It will basically send people to my already existing website but that will take some focus as well!

Yesterday I did not leave the house... at all... I didn't even go outside!? This is HUGE for me?!
I am always running errands or going to meetings... something... there is ALWAYS something that requires me to leave the house?! It was wonderful! I read a book (Karen Kingsbury - Like Dandelion Dust)... I worked on the computer a bit, and goofed off with Kaye, we played her GameCube for a bit, I made a huge Mexican dinner that was DELISH! After we put Kaye to bed, Dave and I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" (Great movie... sad that is it basically a true story...) I did brush my teeth, but I did NOT put on any make-up or really 'do' my hair... I wore sweats all day and slippers... I had hot tea (Good Earth - YUM!), and coffee (Peppermint Mocha), and even a little water too!? I laughed a lot (thanks to Kayelyn), cried a little (thanks to Karen Kingsbury!), and just overall had a great day doing nothing?!

Today - well - I MUST get to the gym and the bank and the library... but after that... Wide Open! Aaaah - yes! I LOVE Christmas vacation!

Be Blessed!


Darcie said...

I knew you would have SOMETHING to show us, LOL! Fun projects & a great idea. I knew you didn't have wallyworld pic's, but I also remembered you didn't show the tags from turkey day, hee hee. ;o) Now you need to do some pic's from your scrap happy group-how's that going?

We just got out for break yesterday, so it's my first day home with all of them-all day. It's not looking good already, lol! Lot's of girly fighting & whining & it's only 10am! Must be time for them to clean their rooms. :o)

I just read Karen Kingsbury's book "Gideon's Gift" EXCELLENT! Robbin told me about it, you're most likely read it too. Loved it. Then I read Dee Henderson's "Danger in the Shadows" a dramatic/suspense kind of book, but not scary or anything. It was great too, I'm working on the series now.

Have I sadi enough? Now I can paste this onto my blog as an update, LOL! Maybe I'll add a picture...

Darcie said...

Oh! Forgot to tell you, the Gilliam's found out they're having a girl!!