Sunday, December 24, 2006

What's Your Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie?

Hey there...

Finally - we can officially say Merry Christmas... well - close enough!

It is Christmas Eve and my house is buzzing... the food is in the oven, snack trays have been assemled and coffee is ready to go... the lights are on and the music is playing in the background and I am preparing my heart not only to host and entertain my family, but also to invite my Lord in as well! Most of my family are believers which makes this holiday much more at peace I know... I am blessed. Still - I want them to experience the magic of Christmas and the sense of His Presence in a way that they normally may not stop to notice through out the year! So... I pray... I pray through the house and I pray over the meal and I listen and wait to see what He will say to me!?

Anyway - as the food is cooking, I got to thinking - what are my favorite Christmas movies?! There are a few we watch every single year... and so - I will share a Top Ten list of our family favorites... and feel free to share a few of your own!

1. Elf (even though we know it by heart!)
2. The Sound of Music
3. Miracle on 34th Street (the remake!)
4. The Grinch (cartoon AND movie!)
5. While You Were Sleeping
6. It's A Wonderful Life
7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
8. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
9. A Christmas Story
10. Santa Claus

Merry Christmas Eve!
Take Pictures to scrap... No, Corinna... NEW ONES!!!


Corinna said...

Elf is my all time favoried....

"You are an angry elf!"

"Well, look at you!" @^%@$#@%!^!#$

hee heee..... Love that movie... makes me belly laugh each time.

Darcie said...

I totally LOVE A CHristmas Story, I watch it on TBS all day, during the 24 hour marathon, lol! My family is starting to revolt though, they wanted to watch Ice Age yesterday too. :o(

Elf is a close second for me "Look out, the yellow ones don't stop"!!

Merry Christmas!

na said...

Even though it IS the day AFTER is my list:
1. It's A Wonderful Life...yes, I am one of those that LOVE that, love, love a young Jimmy Stewart!
2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation...always hysterical.
3. While You Were Sleeping
4. When Harry Met Sally/Sound of Music...not technically super "Christmasy" movies, but favorites none the less.
5. Love Actually...FABULOUS and British...what else could you ask for?

Sadly, I've never seen The Grinch (well, not the movie, I've seen the cartoon) or A Christmas Story and I don't remember Miracle on 34th street. In my defense, we tried to rent them...granted, two days before Christmas, and they were ALL gone. Except Surviving Christmas. Not that great...

Hope you had a great Christmas Karri.