Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Quiet Aftermath...

Aaah yes... the quiet and calm of the days after Christmas!

The decorations are still up - although the tree now looks rather sad and lonely!

The wrapping and empty boxes fill the garbage cans to overflowing.

The new clothes have been tried on, the games have been played, the CD's listened to, and the money and gift cards are just now beginning to burn a hole in some pockets!

Yes - it is the quiet aftermath of a frenzied and fun Holiday weekend!

My daughter has her bff overnight and they are still asleep on the hide-a-bed in the family room - I have a sneaking suspicion that they were featured playing new video games all night long... they will wake soon and want to get on here - to play the new Nancy Drew game... but all of that means that I have had time to sit and relax this morning... do a bit of reflecting and really drink in the events of the past days!

So many great memories made... so many blessings counted! We were missing my sister and her family... and my nephew who is away at college... their absence was felt several times through out the festivities. My Dad experienced his first Christmas after losing his mother last Spring. His father died a few years ago and he has yet to deal with that loss. I know that this year must have been difficult on him... and yet he is not approachable and his denial is where he wants to be. Still - it made me sad to think that he could be sitting right beside me in my home and be hurting - but would not receive any support or emotion. I had moments of watching him out of the corner of my eye and trying to 'see' beyond what he was showing... he seemed fine... so who am I to bring it up!? I just said a prayer and returned to enjoying watching my own child! She was a joy to behold! Thrilled beyond measure at every gift - exuberant and happy and showed her appreciation! It was, as she said, "the best Christmas EVER!" Did she get that ipod she wanted?! (No!) ...what about the laptop or the cell phone? (No!) But - she did get things that she has wanted for awhile... a green purse that she fawned over every time we would go to this store... I couldn't see my way around buying a $3 or $40 purse for an 11 year old... my sister, however, could! Kaye was pleased to say it mildly! Of course - she also got a Scarf and Watch to match! Then the other gifts on her list like a Hoops & YoYo T, the Dream Life Game, some CDs, etc.! Then - the one that pushed her over the edge to Happy Tears... was posters. Yes - people... posters!? She has wanted to hang posters in her room for some time now... I always said no. The thing is... who do I want her to spend her time focusing on, thinking about, and wanting to be like (or date?!)... um - couldn't' really FIND any posters of those kinds of people... I know many think it is fine and harmless... but I just think we have to encourage them to be so careful with what they focus on and who they strive to be... then - I found 12x12 posters on eBay of some of her most favorite Christian artists... I think I paid less than $1 for each of them... and this - THIS is what pushed her over the edge?!

Anyway - Dave and I do not trade gifts... we do each others Stocking Stuffers but we do not exchange gifts. Sometimes we will buy a Family gift... something for the house - like an entertainment center, a stereo, DVD player, etc. This year - Dave surprised me and bought some new towels to match our bathroom! We have not bought new towels for a LONG time... so it was a nice surprise! He also bought us a new phone system... our answering machine broke months ago and we were constantly missing calls. His birthday is the day after Christmas too - so that is how I am able to not buy too much for him for Christmas! LOL! I can cheat and buy it for his birthday instead! Plus we tend to cram things into those stockings that really don't fit?! LOL!?

All in all - we had a great few days of celebrations! Today - I MUST get back to the Gym... I have managed to not 'black out' too badly over the holidays - although I DID make this incredibly yummy Tiramisu Cheesecake... oh my?! It is so easy - and so delish! I can't be left alone with it! LOL! Sometime today, I need to take Kaye and get her new lenses put in her glasses and pick up my own new contacts... ("I could have been seein' stuff!") and I am sure once we are out and about - Kaye will remember that she has about $100 to spend from Christmas money as well!?? Of course - right now... the girls are just waking and will not want to get out of their new robes or leave Nancy Drew unsolved too soon!

I have been praying for you all - knowing that God has blessed you and been with you in your celebrations as well! What are you all doing for New Years Eve?! I am sure we will end up with Dave's family, playing games... that is our usual back up plan anyway - and we have nothing else lined up (since the Beeler's have moved away!)

Enjoy the last few days of No Routine!
& Scrap Happy!

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