Monday, December 18, 2006

Random ABC's

Hey there...

Yes - I am taking the easy way out of an update today... I am stealing Corinna's Random List of ABC's... (Hey... it's the first day of vacation?!) We had a blast in Wallyworld... perfect travel weather... relaxing time of visiting and laughing and walking around downtown!!!I know you all will be SHOCKED... but my Scrapbook for 2006 is somehow WAY too big again... so I left my camera at home all weekend long?! I HAVE to figure out how to make a normal size album for next year... I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve Digital scrapping and putting those on a CD?! Anyway - here is my List - an ABC list of Random Things about me...

A - All about me or knows how to listen to others:
Hmmm - I am a good listener probably more than talking all about me!?
B - Baked or fried:
C - Cake or pie:
D - Drink of choice:
Chai Tea Latte's... or seasonal Starbucks drinks!
E - Essential item you use everyday:
Um... Hello!? The Computer?!!!! Oh yeah - and my contacts and toothbrush too - sure!?
F - Favorite color:
Plum purple!
G - Gummy bears or worms:
Hmm... if I HAD to choose it would be the sour worms, but I'm not a Gummy fan either?!
H - Hometown:
Yakima, WA.
I - Indulgence:
J - January or February:
February! (Valentine's Day!? C'mon!?)
K - Kids & names:
One daughter - Kayelyn
L - Life is incomplete without?
Jesus, Dave & Kayelyn... but Music was good too! HAVE to have music on everyday!
M - Marriage Date:
October 17th, 1992
N- Number of car accidents:
two... as a passenger, when I was maybe 10, and one as a driver way back in '88 or '89... I lived on a busy street and wanted to head the opposite direction - so I did a U-turn from my parking spot and hit another car coming out of an adjacent parking lot!? We were BOTH in the wrong! LOL!
O - Oranges or apples:
Apples - hands down! When I was a kid - I had hypoglycemia and I had to have Oranges or OJ EVERY day... blech... it is a RARE occasion with I WANT an orange now!
P - Phobias or fears:
Heights... but I am getting better! Water - as in being out ON the water... not good!
Q - First quote that comes to mind:
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, But by the moments that
take our breath away!” (Unknown) My Mom bought a wall hanging that says this when we were in Leavenworth - and I have used in on a few layouts or cards recently... I LOVE it!

R - Reason to smile:
Thinking about my Blessings, hearing Kayelyn's Laughter, having Dave make me laugh, and - yes - like Corinna said... "Life, an old memory, my kids, sex."
S - Season:
Like you have to ask?! Um... FALL!? The changing colors, crisp mornings, smells and routines, and just the overall mindset of the season!
T - Tortilla chips or potato chips:
Organic Tortilla chips with some Fresh homemade salsa...Mmmm - sounds like LUNCH to me!!!
U - Unknown fact about me:
I was not supposed to live... nearly died several times in the first few months of life!
V- Vegetable you don't like:
Cauliflower... raw or cooked?! blech?!...
W - Worst habit:
scratching... especially in the winter... my skin gets dry and itchy and I can black out and itch for too long... LOTION is key!!!
X - eXtraordinary memory:
The first time Dave ever told me he loved me... it was a big production... also my Wedding Day... and the day my daughter was born.
Y - Your favorite food:
Anything Italian... Mexican is a close second... and Thai!? LOL!? Yeah - I like food!
Z - Zodiac sign:

So - there ya go... things you never needed to know... but - an update nonetheless!? LOL!



na said...

The question is, does Darcie have photos of your trip to Wallyworld??!?

Is there REALLY a place called, Wallyworld?!?!? As in National Lampoon's Wallyworld??!?!?!? And, NO Picture of it?!?!?

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Na... LOL! You are too funny! Of COURSE Darcie has pictures of my trip to Wallyworld?! LOL!

I would upload a pciture for you of Wallyworld... but, 'sorry folks, the parks closed!'


(Wallyworld is really Walla Walla, WA... it's just a nickname we use!)

Darcie said...

LOL, that Na is just full of the smarty pants comments lately! Wallyworld, lol. I love thta movie. Just seem's so "beeleresque" LOL!

Darcie said...

Ummm hello, it's pretty much Wednesday now, where is our update? Don't you have some new pictures of all the stuff you've finished to show us?!