Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter... Happy Spring!

Hey there...
Well, Easter Sunday is one of my most Favorite days!!!

Of course, it is the meaning - the gift of a Risen Savior - who did what He said He would do... who died for each of us individually... personally... and bought us a second chance! What's not to love about that?!

Then there is church... filled with visitors and friends and family... everyone is all decked out in their Easter outfits... the message is always strong and straight to the heart... & who doesn't love the songs of victory we sing of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection!?

After church, our tradition is to go to my in-laws... we have a delicious meal (which we always - and I do mean ALWAYS) open in prayer and all sing the Doxology together before eating. This family can SANG too... (and yes - I did mean to type SANG! LOL!?) They can harmonize on "Happy Birthday" and make you cry?! We enjoy a great lunch and then go about hiding the eggs for the little ones...

Oh - side note... Man, this is the year of transition with my 'little one'! She decided this year she would help HIDE the eggs - and not find any... even the ones with MONEY?! sigh... oh well!? (Not too old for the Easter Basket though... I even tried to put her stuff in a smaller basket - but she got down her Basket - that I made when she was maybe 2 - and had me switch all her stuff?! I wanted to use the smaller basket because she got less stuff this year?! Polly Pockets and sidewalk chalk just don't cut it anymore?! LOL?!)

So - luckily - we do have 2 little ones who still LOVE to find the eggs...and - it was a sunny HOT day out today here as well... so that is always a fun outdoor activity after a huge turkey meal!? LOL!? Oh yeah... after the hunt and a bit more visiting we came home and enjoyed some Sunday Afternoon down time! Nice! Then we had to get ourselves geared up and prepared for the reality that Spring Break is over and tomorrow it is back to early mornings...rushing out the door to school and workout... and all our other 'normal' weekly routines?! (Plus Tennis, now?!)
I did work on a few things last week... made some cards, ...met with my client - (which went great - she loved the album by the way and showed me 100s of photo's from Italy too... can't WAIT to get started on that project next!), ...sponsored a MommyTimeSales event that is coming up next weekend... like a huge flea market for Mom's!? We'll see?! It was a great opportunity for advertising the business! It was also Spring break - so we did a bit of shopping, movie watching, reading, overnighters, & my nephew was here for a visit too!

Anyway - I am so happy to find Spring really here...
now - if we can just hold on to it and not let Summer sneak up too quickly!?

Scrap on!

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