Friday, April 20, 2007

What's the Protocol?

OK... so - I have a question for you all...

While driving to the gym yesterday morning, I passed by an orchard and it just took my breath away! It has been getting pretty cold at night... so they are protecting the buds overnight. As I drove by, the sprinklers were still on and the ice was covering the trees and it just looked magical! With the clear blue skies, and the water spraying over the orchard, and the ice formed over the buds... just gorgeous! I once again wondered WHY I do not keep my camera WITH ME!? I go in spurts where I will have it with me at all times, and then I will change purses or something and it gets left at home for weeks and weeks! (And those are the weeks that I run across things I would want to photograph - of course?!)

Anyway - so this morning - in all my 'glory' (of no make-up, no brushing my hair, and in my sweats and thongs...) I remember to grab my camera and head out to take my kid to school (EARLY - by the way!) So - I take my same unusual route and come upon the same scene as yesterday - Frozen Springtime... (that would have been my layout title... maybe?!) Anyway - right exactly where I would have been standing to take the photo's... was somebody ELSE!? What?! Yes - it is true - someone else must have thought the same thing yesterday - because he was walking around getting MY shots... So - I circled the area a few times unsure of what the correct protocol was?! I wasn't sure who this man was... was he the Orchard owner... or a professional photographer... or just some guy who was driving by who happened to have his damn camera in his car... Sure - I know - I SHOULD have just parked the car and ASKED him... but I was suddenly concerned about the correct procedure... I am pretty sure I should ask the owner if I could photograph their orchard... but is this necessary!? It really didn't seem like it until I saw someone doing what I wanted to do... LOL?! So - what do you all think?! I mean, it is not public property... it's not a Building or anything... but it is just out there for all to see?! LOL!? What would you do?! Would you have asked permission or just gotten out and started shooting pictures?!

We are planning on going to the Tulip Farm on Sunday - so at least there I know I am welcomed to point and shoot all I want!!! I will have PLENTY of pictures from that outing - but still... those icy buds... with the blue sky backdrop... gorgeous!!!



darcie said...

Well, you know me-I would have got out & started snapping away, lol! If it was a problem he would ask you to stop?!

natalie said...

The only reason you would need permission to take pictures if you planned to sell or profit from those photos of someone elses orchard.

As for the other person taking pictures...I guess I would have just parked and walked to where I wanted to take the pictures and maybe mumble something about how pretty this orchard is to NOT take a photo...and laugh...and start clicking.