Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a couple of Digi's - to hold me over!

Yep - that's right!? I have been playing on the computer all day...
I have all those Tulip pictures that I am NOT printing out so I will have something
to crop with next weekend... I can't print them... no yet... the temptation will be too strong?!
But - my friend Renee challenged me... yeah - that's right - an Official CHALLENGE!

She challenged me to Scrap a ONE photo Layout... with no paper tearing?! What exactly is she saying?! What is that supposed to mean?! That I ALWAYS use tons of pictures and ALWAYS tear my paper?!!?!? She threw me a bone and said she would let me still use Ink though!?

Hmph?! Whatever?! LOL?!

So - I am laying in bed last night and it hit me... I can just upload a page from one of the MANY Mini's that I have done... they are tiny little 4x4's and you can only FIT one photo on the page! I thought about this for quite some time... thinking myself very clever... sure - I knew it wouldn't really meet the challenge - it wouldn't be a NEW Layout... still - the thought of her clicking on the link and finding a mini lo just cracked me up! I got up this morning giddy with my plan and went about gathering all my mini's...

Yeah... ?! Um - APPARENTLY I really DO have a problem with paper tearing, inking, and using multiple photo's?! I could not find that many lo's that didn't have paper tearing... and the ones I found - well - if you can imagine - I didn't really like 'em so much?!

I decided I would do a double layout using some of my yummy free download digi kits... There was a Challenge Sketch that I could do for one page and Renee's Challenge for the other... (OK - even Renee pointed out afterward that the temptation to TEAR the paper is pretty much gone when doing digi work... but - hey - I am sure it is still POSSIBLE... I just don't know how yet?!)

Anyway - it satisfied my desire to scrap... AND I didn't have to print out my Tulip pictures! LOL! Here are my ever-so-beginner-level Digi's:

I also made a little Mini Baby Boy Purse/album... too fun! Gotta Love Daisy D's!!! This may be a gift... or a Raffle ticket donation - not sure yet?!

Anyway - hope you are all having a great week...
How's the move going, Darcie?!
Corinna... the face lift on the store sounds great... can't wait to visit and SHOP!!!
Na... praying for that Bagel Intervention... (don't wait until Monday, girls!)

Scrap Happy!

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darcie said...

How funny that you went digital! I was just thinking yesterday about how long it would be before you did some! They look great & you can scrap forever that way, lol! And, yes-you can tear digital paper, I've seen it but being computer challenged as I am have no clue how. :op I'll send you a link to my friend Shandy's blog, she does mostly digital, gives away freebies & has a store too. I think you will like it.

moving is hell. I'm going to try & update real quick now before my crazy moving day tomorrow...