Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All Cropped Out...

Hey there...

Yes - I survived the Mega Crop weekend...

and yes... I apologize, but I am, once again, 'caught up'!?

I know... I truly am sorry!? I am sure I could find SOMETHING to scrap, but my albums are big enough without looking for extra things to do?!

Thursday night was a bit quiet really... it's not that we were missing many ladies, but I guess we were just focused!? I think we had a total of 7 of us there... my friend Renee made it for the first time and that was fun! A little preview of our marathon Scrap Weekend!

Luckily, since we packed stuff up on Thursday, we just kept it all packed away and knew what to ADD that we had forgotten the night before! I swung by her house on Friday around 5 or so and we loaded up the car and headed out to the Crop Retreat... it was being held at Keith & Keith... yes - that is a funeral home... it was actually in the chapel/reception area and was really set up great! We had round tables... not really a fan of round tables... but that is what we had on Thursday for some reason too. Anyway - it was good - two people per table... so Renee and I were together... we didn't really know anyone else - other than Connie who runs the show. We got settled in and started scrapping before we had dinner. After dinner, people started loosening up a bit and talking with each other which was great! I think a lot of them must already know each other - from attending other Crops I think... but they were friendly enough and we ended up staying until about 12:30 or so...

Here's the thing about Renee... she is so great... very fun and hysterical... we get along great - like we've been friends forever - but have actually just met recently... she 'gets' me and I 'get' her and I can see how we will grow as friends... AND the girl has some serious gear! She had stuff that no one else has seen yet! (Even the gal who runs the show and orders wholesale?! LOL?!) Everyone was browsing through her stuff and checking out her newest papers or paints or tools, etc! I used the new MM Glitter and Pearl paint... LOVE THEM both! Must have's, I tell ya! She is addicted - yeah - that's right, I said it! - to KITS! I can't even know how many she gets... but I am pretty sure her hubby can't know either?! LOL!? That is how she gets the newest toys before anyone else I guess?! She sort of said everyone was welcome to use her stuff... one gal took her up on it several times, but I felt bad just asking to borrow a piece of PP or something... I didn't want to overstep my friendship boundaries, ya know?! It's not like Darcie's Brads... I DID just meet the girl, ya know!? LOL!?

Anyway - we decided that we would go in later on Saturday... I had finished half of my pictures... so I had to pace myself - plus, ya know - we were not wanting to be gone the ENTIRE weekend... we ended up going in closer to 11:30 or so... just in time for lunch! Then we got busy and crafted pretty much straight through until 8 or so... I finished up with my pictures and was willing to start work on a blank mini or a Mother's Day gift... but she was feeling done as well. She has FM and sometimes has back pain and had trouble sleeping well the night before... so we shopped a bit and then packed up our stuff and headed home 'early'! All in all, it was a lot of fun! There is another Crop over the first weekend of May... I think we will go... at least for part of the time! I will not print out my Tulip pictures... and maybe will have some other pictures to scrap by then... or maybe I will have the Italy job ready to go... I do have a few mini's I am thinking about for Mother's Day - so I will have projects one way or the other I am pretty sure!

Sunday we skipped out on church and drove up the Mossyrock and enjoyed the Tulip Farm and nursery! So pretty! Last time we were there... it was a lot bigger! They had literally 1/4 of what they had in bloom last time... but as you can see - it was still a heck of a lot of Tulips!!!

Have I mentioned that I love Spring?! tee hee?!

Scrap On!


na said...

WOW...those tulips are beautiful!!! I've never seen a "field" of tulips...what a great picture!

You and your tales of caught-up-land! Don't you have heritage photos or something?? Wedding pictures? Childhood vacations? Anything?!? Hmpf.

darcie said...

sounds like a fun weekend! And cropping at a funeral home?! Only in Yakivegas, lol!

Pretty tulips as usual! Why don't you make a little mini album for the farm owners & journal about how great it is to come see their farm each year-then you would have something to do, lol!!