Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Random Photo's

Hey there...

OK - well - I just thought I would add a few
random photo's from the past couple of days!?
Some of those Rome Cards,

...two more Guatemala Layouts,
(obviously not a two page spread?! LOL!?)

& of course - a few more Easter shots!

(No - Kaye didn't really wear shorts... but she did change into them after church!?
& Yes - I DID actually order some...
I think I have about 80 coming!!!
Just in time for my Scrap group next week!)

Anyway - Scrap On!


darcie said...

What-you have photo's that need scrapping?! LOL! Looks like Easter was fun & the pages are gorgeous! :o)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

I do! I DO have photo's that need scrapping!!!! LOL!

I have my scrap group next Thursday and then Fri/Sat there is a Crop event in town that I am thinking of going to... but it is lilke Fri from 5-10 and Sat from 9-midnight...?!!? I don't know... but I am not sure if it will take me that long to scrap 80 pictures?! I may have to bring something else to do?! =oP


darcie said...

Hello, I have taken the afternoon off from packing & you have nothing new for me to read?! If someone else doesn't update soon I will have to pack a box, lol!!

Darcie said...

Helloooooo, it's been almost a week-have you scrapped ALL your photos now? I can't imagine you have any left to scrap.

And, it sound slike Kaye is having trouble getting to school on time-and she was PROUD of it?! LOL! We need to chat! :O) Miss you!