Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Altered Frap's (In case!)

Yes... in reality, it IS just another way to disguise my Starbuck's habit?! LOL!? But still...??!
I have altered the larger bottles on their own before... and did a few of those too:

...but I loved the idea of doing the 4pack all together and filling them each with candy and Hot cocoa or instant coffee yumminess... too fun! Isn't it cute!?!?!

Now... who does it go to!? I can't decide?! (Yes - I AM now just making gifts for the sake of creating!!?! Is that wrong?!) tee hee!?


na said...

Karri, those are freakin ADORABLE! WOW. Love them! But, really, making them just to be making them?!? You overachieving bitch! Your productivity is sooooo inspiring!

chuck said...

Ummm, I like presents, LOL!! Those turned out oober cute Karri!!! Promise to update again someday soon...

Corinna said...

ok... can you say C U T E!

Those are super cute!
I love it... and I think I am going to have to scrap lift it.

You are always doing something... I want what ever you have bottled up for energy and creativity! Come on now... share your secret....
Rock on girlie!

na said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Karri for my box of Christmas Nerds!!! I LOVE THEM! You are so incredibly thoughtful! I also wanted to let you know that I was very inspired by your "tradition" portion of your newsletter...loved it...look for a future update on my blog soon regarding a portion of what you said. After the first of the year, I pinky swear a tea towel will be on its way to you!!! :)