Friday, December 14, 2007

I've got a Secret...

...and I've been a busy girl!!!

I decided that before I can start leaving any smack on others' blogs - I had better update my own! I have been busy this past week working (praise God!), but when I need a little break, I like to stroll around Blogland and read what you all are up to... except there has been little to no updating and while in some cases, this is completely understandable, in others - well - I want something new to read!?!!? (hint, hint?!)

"What have I been up to?" you ask... well - I completed an ENTIRE Heritage album last week... from start to finish... wow!? It was so much fun not only reading through the journaling (you all know I am a big fan of that!) but also playing with the old photographs... some dating back to the 1800's I believe!!? Incredible! I used mostly K&Co "Classic K" line... fits so great with all the older photo's... yummy! Since it goes back 5 generations, I did not want it to be too trendy or full of lots of embellishments... it is not my normal 'style' of lots of layering and fun extras - but it is clean and simple and gorgeous (if I do say so myself!). So fun! I am redoing one page at my clients' request (as he wants to move a photo to another page, and remove one all together) and then I will be totally finished with it! Yay! Once I hand over the album, I will ask his permission to post some of the layouts and have him write up a customer review as well! Until then, you will just have to take my word for it! It rocks! LOL!

Oh - hey - I almost forgot?! ...I needed an oval cutter to complete this project, and if you can imagine - um - I don't have one?! So - I got the word out that I was looking for one and was lucky enough to have several offer a loan... so I got the CM Oval cutter from my sister-in-law (thanks Suzie!) and then, my friend Renee offered to loan me her CRICUT!!!! Yes, that is right people... The Cricut is IN the house!!!! She was SUPPOSED to come over and bring it with her so we could scrap together - but she wasn't feeling well and just said, "Come and get it!" ??? Crazy - but who am I to question her?! I had SO MUCH FUN with it... and I haven't really done much!? The ovals it cuts were too small - but I was able to use smaller ovals and make each Monogram 'branch' of the family tree! SO cool!!! Plus I used a couple of shapes and made the Title page using it! Even Dave thought it was like Magic... I think he can even see how I might 'need' one?! I know?! If you knew my hubby - you would know how amazing that statement is?!!! LOL!? Of course, I won't hold my breath in GETTING one... I am sure he noticed I had one at the house for free?!!! (Renee - I promise I will get it back to you next week!!!)

I also spent a bit of time making these super cute Triangle Box Ornaments that we filled with candy to give out to some of Kayelyn's classmates and teachers this year. So fun!

Whew?! So... right now I am working on altering a 4Pack Frap... I will post the finished product... (Hey Na... I could use some of that Cocoa mix... I am planning on filling each empty bottle with a dry hot drink mix of some sort... it seems as though you have plenty!?!! LOL!)

Oh yes... my secret!? You want to know my secret?!!?
Well... you seriously can't tell anyone... it is a SURPRISE!!!

Yeah, Baby!!! That is Row 4 in the center... SaWeet!!! SO excited! This is gonna be in each Stocking as a stocking stuffer... if, somehow, 'someone' hears that he is coming - I will of course go OFF on how it is too stinkin' expensive right at Christmas time to spend that kind of money... blah, blah, blah!!!? tee hee! I know, I know - mean!? But - it's all worth it when I have the camera ready and get that reaction captured on film - er - uh - disc?! Whatever... it will be captured and scrapbooked along with (hopefully) photo's from the show and huge (Cricut-cut?) quotes from all of our favorite bits!

Anyway - I am off to wrap these little gems, and pack for a road trip! We are off to Walla Walla for the weekend...

Scrap Happy!


nanakaren said...

Wow you are a busy lady and so creative, I love the triangle boxes what a unique idea. How do you do so many things, busy lady. I think it is neat that you have managed to turn your hobby into something profitable. Hopefully when I get more time I can manage to profit from my hobbies. I have crocheted different color and sizes of flowers and used them on some of my cards and layouts and have thought about trying to sell them on Etsy or something like that. I am not as computer literate as I would like to be but am trying to work on that aspect too. I have a new laptop and seem to be on it every evening so that may help me get more efficient.Anyway enough rambling just wanted to say hi.

darcie said...




I read this a while back, but didn't comment because I quickly had to go to the site & see if he was coming here again. Then when I saw that he has no dates listed for Boise yet, I had to try & talk Dan into coming to Yakima to see him. Is that too obssesive, lol?! You are going to love the show SO much, and you have great seats!! I hope he comes here again...Lucky!