Thursday, December 06, 2007

Birdies, a Prize, a Circle Cutter, & a Promise!

Ah yes... even the title seems cluttered and random, I know?!

However, December 10th looms large and I am trying to schedule my time so I am not stressed out as I wrap up (pardon the pun) the rest of my Christmas To-Do list! LOL!?

So - on Tuesday, while Kaye had Dance Team (Drill) practice, I enjoyed a little down time at Bella Scrapbooking partaking in Julie's fun Creative Cafe project of the day... Who doesn't love these adorable Birdies?!
So fun!!! (Of course, you know me... I had to tweak it just a little to make it mine!)

I did manage to get all my letters copied, cards stuffed and stamped, and everything is mailed off and on it's way... I got most of the shopping done and a few of the stocking stuffers bought... I have wrapped everything so far and they are under the tree or around the manger... (I haven't wrapped any of Kaye's yet because, well - that just seems mean?!) Of course, I guess seeing all the gifts out and not seeing any for her may be meaner?! (more mean?! I don't know?!) As I got home yesterday and collapsed from a full day of meetings and errands and marking things off that super bossy list of mine, I logged on and found that I have won a prize of some osrt at Bella's... so I guess I am 'required' to go back to the store soon and find out what I won! Yay! I love prizes!

I have recently been blessed with a new client. He is wanting me to get this album done before Christmas and it is an awesome project! It is a Heritage Album that goes back 5 generations... he has excerpts from actual diaries written by his great, great, (great) grandparents... as well as some excellent photographs! The thing is - each main 'branch if you will, features a great old photograph and most of them, since they are old - are oval. I have finally (after all these 13 years of scrapping) come upon a need for an oval/circle cutter?! I am sure someone will have one for me to borrow... because, really - if I have made it this long?! Do I really need one afterall!?

Lastly - in the midst of all the flooding that is going on in WA and OR... I looked out my front door the other day and this is what I saw:
Pretty cool, huh!? Gotta Loves God's Promises... the Bible says that they are Yes and Amen!

Scrap On!

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na said...

OK, that bird garland around your tree is absolutely DARLING!!!! OMG, I LOVE IT!!!

Don't ya just love a pretty rainbow?!

P.S. I don't put the kids gifts under the tree either. In fact, I don't normally put any under there because of the puppy and the kids with busy bodies, etc. When I was little my mom would put all the gifts under the tree and when I got older I realized she would put tiny initials on the back of the gift and then it was easy to figure out which gifts were mine! However, my aunt used to put all the gifts under the tree and my cousin carefully unwrapped each of them to see what she got each year. Food for thought...LOL...