Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Wonderland

aah yes... if the past few days are any indication, we will be having a White Christmas indeed!

I believe we are at about 15 or 16 inches now and it is STILL snowing... Now, don't get me wrong - it does snow here in the desert - but we haven't had this much accumulation in one day (or two or three now) for years and years!!! However, I must say that I am blessed enough to mostly be able to enjoy it from the toasty comfort of my own home... only having to venture out to take the little one to and from school! It also helped put me in a somewhat festive mood!

I was able to put away all the Autumn/Thanksgiving stuff and pull out all the Christmas decorations, and get them all put up... as well as the tree and lights and all... I suppose I could have taken 'after' pictures too... maybe later... but this is where I started:

I have half hte table covered in Fall stuff and half in Christmas... and that is just the table - the floor is another story! I got side tracked though and haven't taken any photo's of the completed look... you know me though - it is just little touches in each and every room!? LOL!? Why oh why do I do this!? Because I love the finished look! I tried to scale back this year and didn't put EVERYTHING out... each year my hope is that it will get to be less and less... but the snow distracted me... isn't it just gorgeous? (from inside, anyway?!)

I did work on some more cards... I will take some photo's of those later too... and I am about halfway done with our family letter (which means 1/2 done and about 3 edits left to go!?) So - that is my plan this afternoon - to finish up with those things and maybe even wrap a few gifts?! We'll see...

Oh and this one?

This one is just for fun... (yeah - that is Kaye -as I mentioned in the last post, "stuck" in the hallway... ?!!?)

I suppose it is officially December now, so I can honestly say
Merry Christmas!
Scrap Happy!


darcie said...

Is the box of Mike's on the christmas half or the fall half? And were you drinking it when Kaye got her arm stuck?! LOL!!! You must tell how she managed to accomplish that one. :o)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

LOL!? Darcie... Only you would notice the Mikes box! It was definitely from the Fall half! (It was actually empty when we got it... just a moving box - you know how THAT goes!!!!?) And no... no Mikes was involved with Kaye's mishap!? Honestly - i don't know HOW she got stuck... but it did involve a screwdriver! (and by 'screwdriver' I mean a Tool!) ...(and by 'Tool' I mean... nevermind! You get it!) LOL! I had to remove the entire handrail!?

ee said...

LOL! Stop, you makin' my tummy hurt! :op

na said...

OK, wow, that is A LOT of snow!!! Ek...scary! Pretty,but scary...and the arm, LOL, she'll love you for posting THAT on the world wide web...LOL.

Anonymous said...

OMG... SShhhh - don't TELL her I posted that?! LOL?!

ee said...

Yeah, sure...the box is from "moving" LOL!