Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Digi Christmas Fun!

Yeah... I know... just because I have nothing else to do...

Actually - this 2-page LO was a Challenge on IAAS... the challenge was to do a take on a specific Crate & Barrel ad (pictured here:)
and this is my 2-page take on it... (I took a very literal approach!):

This one was just for fun - because I loved my snowy tree...

Now... I am sure you will notice... I sort of used the SAME photo's over and over... I figured if Bucket could do it in real life... I can do it in DigiLand!? Anyway - this one is my favorite:

Aren't they just TOO CUTE!?!

Anyway, I hope you are all able to enjoy the holiday weekend without much running around and braving the Malls... I need to go grocery shopping - but other than that, (and a trip to see National Treasure 2!) I plan on staying in and enjoying some reading time! (Oh -and crafting some Thanks You cards... and if I get done with those... maybe even some Valentine's!) LOL!

Yeah... that's right... I said VALENTINE's...



chuck is behind said...

you did not just say valentines...are you tryin' to kill me, lol!?!

Sweet layouts, I think that pottery barn catty is always good for inspiration too, so pretty!

Oh, and since you seem to have so much flippin' extra time perhaps you could pop over & do my baking? :op

na said...

THose layouts are SO CUTE! I love the trees! Super oober!

Oh, and husband was baking all our cookies today...about 12 dozen or so! :) See, this is why I wouldn't remarry! LOL.

darcie said...

Merry Christmas Karri!
Miss you all!

darcie said...

Tell Dave happy birthday, I hope it was a good one! :o)