Monday, February 04, 2008

Quick Update

Hey there...

Well - I don't have a ton of time right now as I should be getting ready to make dinner - but I wanted to give you a little update - since SOME PEOPLE are not giving you anything new to read! (Yeah... that would be you, Chuck!)

Last week was crazy... full of sickies in this house - which I must say is not (thankfully!) a normal occurrence! Dave was home sick from work on Monday AND Tuesday... he went back to work on Wednesday but was feeling rather weary and drained... Kayelyn was sick in the middle of the night on Wednesday night/Thursday morning - but insisted that she felt better and wanted to go to school on Thursday, so I let her! Hey, who am I?! LOL!? Honestly - there was no fever, and she wasn't coughing or anything... seemed healed, Praise God! She stayed all day and claimed to feel fine so we let her go to her Bible study group... and then when she came home, it turned out that the girl had no voice?! Yeah?! And within about two or three hours, that fever was back and she was wiped out! Didn't even argue going to bed!? AND she crashed right away! We decided to not wake her up in the morning... as I was MAKING her stay home from school... she slept until nearly 10am and spent ALL of Friday on the love seat in the kitchen watching TV and whispering or passing me notes?! Poor girl!? We are blessed with such health that we are really not good at being sick!? She went to bed when told on Friday night at 8:30pm... you KNOW that she was not feeling so hot... no Monk... no Psych... She laid around most of Saturday as well and thankfully started feeling better Saturday evening... she sounded terrible on Sunday - but we went to church anyway and she seems to be getting back to normal now! Yay! I managed to not get sick! I hate to even type that out loud... ?!?

So - while I had the sickies in and out of the house - I had my Stampin' Up! party on Monday morning... only had two women show up... (we had lots of snow!) We made these super cute little boxes... perfect for Valentine's Trinkets!

I spent some time crafting for my store at
I made a few new sets of cards:

And a few more adorable boxes like this one:

I mentioned in the last post that I signed up at and I have to say - I am loving it! I hope you all have checked it out! It can be overwhelming, but so full of tools and encouragement! I can't tell you if I have actually lost any weight yet... While I am faithful and true to Pretty Millie (We logged 33 miles in January!) I have yet to name the Scale... He is gonna have to sweet talk me a bit before I can think of a name that doesn't include 'numbers, and symbols and stuff!' I made it through Super Bowl Sunday within my SP numbers too... (OK - well - my fat intake was a wee bit higher than the limit, but everything else was fine!)

Anyway - I hope you are all doing great... I am attending my first ever online Crop tomorrow... which works out great because I will play with some Digi Layouts just for fun! I also need to work on a few card sets that are not holiday themed! LOL! Plus - I am reading a few more books... OH, Na - INCLUDING "Give It Up! My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less" Yeah... um... I read the chapters... ?!?! Seriously!? And we can do this!? Some of them will be too easy and I am sure I will have to actually substitute it for something that is a sacrifice?! Elevators?! Really?!

Until next time, people!
Scrap Happy!


na said...

So glad that you are all feeling better! Nothing worse than a house full of sickies.

I know...that book...some of them are, Taxis...yeah, that shouldn't be too hard to give up...but, the author lives in NY! LOL. I was going to do the same...substitute some with other things that mean more to me in my world.

chuck said...

Ummm, excuse me....I want it noted right now that *I* actually had my update up before you posted this!?! :op

Glad to hear you are feeling better over there, my girls seem to all be coming down with colds again. Lot's of sniffing & coughing, yuck!

Corinna said...

CUTE! You are so talented.

Glad you are feeling better.