Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Was Made to Love...

Yep... it is true! I WAS made to love... and love, I did... we had a GREAT time at the concert on Sunday night! But I am getting ahead of myself...

As I mentioned, we all had a great Valentine's Day last week and really enjoyed our evening together! Not sure if I mentioned that my kid got a rose (again!) from someone who is not her Daddy!? I suppose we have entered that stage... it was not Stalker boy... but someone NEW?! sigh!?

Anyway - Kaye had no school on Friday so we had a lazy day together and that was nice! She ended up going over to a girlfriends' house in the evening for a movie (although they never actually watched it?!) and Dave and I relaxed at home together... Saturday Dave took off for Ellensburg to look at the music store there and then hit a few fishing spots on the way home. He was gone all day... and really needed the time! We had gotten a call from Dana (Kevin's ex) a few nights ago and she was not doing that great. It sort of stirred up some stuff and I think the time alone was good for Dave... While he was gone - Kaye and I had a 'movie' day... I rented a few movies and I had all those yummy stamp sets to put together, so we just hung out together and watched movies... Sidney White was actually our favorite of the three which surprised me (the other two were The Nanny Diaries - not as good as the book! - and the Martian Child - never read the book?) I put together all six sets while watching two... we waited and watched the last one (Martian) with Dave. He was a bit disappointed that we stayed inside all day... Kaye stayed in her jammies. He never did understand the joy and lure of "Jammie Day!" Kaye and I LOVED Jammie Day! But - as she has gotten older and our schedules are a bit busier - Jammie Day happens less and less?! Oh well - we loved it! It is good bonding time - even if it IS matched with laziness?! LOL!?

Sunday we went to church (Kaye had to go at 8am to be on the Greeters Team all day) and after church we grabbed a snack, packed out bags and headed to Richland to spend the night with our good friends Gene and Syl'... oh yeah - and to take in the concert!!!

We had an incredible early dinner with the Gibsons... and they even made me coffee - real caffeinated coffee... and I made it just how I like it and took my first sip when Dave said we had five minutes before we had to leave for the show?!?! What?! Five Minutes?! Yeah... um - all of the sudden I forgot that I am not in fact still in my teens or 20s with an iron gut but approaching 40 with some rare IBS symptoms?! Nice!!! So - I downed the big ol' mug of goodness and was ready in less than 5... we headed to the concert figuring that the doors would be open already - but we were still over an hour early so we should be able to get good seats!? (We had General Admission tickets) Now, remember - I ate dinner and then RIGHT AWAY downed an entire over-sized cup of coffee... and even went to the bathroom before we left... but as we got out of the car, I noticed that unfortunate urgency of having to go AGAIN... (already?!) ...and you guessed it, the doors were NOT unlocked and the line was CRAZY long!? Yeah... that is when I began to pray in tongues!? LOL! Only by the grace of God did I make it that extra 20 minutes in line... we went in and found our seats (yes -the ones we wanted!!!) and then I ventured out to locate the restrooms - which of course ALREADY had a line that was wrapped around the side of the hallway!? Oh my?! Yet again, prayer I can tell you works... I made it... and cursed that yummy cup of coffee and the damage it was obviously doing to my insides... I made my way back and prayed that everything would settle down (Simmer Down Now!)... I had to make one more trip in the middle of the concert but I have learned my lesson! No more downing coffee on top of a full meal and then going somewhere with lines and crowds and such?! The concert itself was great! Matt West came out first and sang about 5 songs... I didn't get any pictures because he was just standing in front of a curtain and he didn't have any lights really - so it was too dark... but he did great! Shared his testimony of how he had vocal chord surgery last year... then Jeremy Camp came out and put on an awesome show! I didn't realize how many songs of his I already knew! Of course, he shared of his wife's battle with cancer and how he lost her... sad, and very powerful! And then TobyMac took the stage... along with background singers and rappers and dancers... the guy can still put on a show! I remember seeing him WAY back in the day when he was a kid with DC Talk... it was Holly's first concert and I had just as much fun watching her reaction to the stage as I did watching the stage!

Kaye and Holly

Jeremy Camp
Toby Mac
We all really enjoyed it! Superchic[k] and Britt Nicole are coming in May... I was more excited about that than the girls though?! So I am not sure if we will go?! Anyway, we went home to the Gibson's and talked with them for a bit and then we all went to bed... except the giggling girls, of course?! Apparently Holly was trying to learn TobyMacs' dance moves?! We had a nice relaxing time on Monday morning visiting more and talking... Syl' and I always have a great time sharing what God has been speaking or showing us... and it is almost always the same thing or at least along the same idea! We stopped in to see my friend Jennifer on our way home and that was great too!

So - I am still having issues with Millie... I think she needs a new motor!? I will have to look into that tomorrow... see if I can order it online and how much it will be... she has really knocked me off track with my workouts... but I am determined to NOT give up this time around... I weigh in tomorrow and I am hoping that soon the Scale will be worthy of a name... I am working on a Friendship SWAP (sort of like a Circle Album) for Spark and that has been a challenge because it has to be a 6x6 page?! Anyway - that is what I am working on tomorrow night at my Scrap Happy group...

Hope you are all well and scrapping and are seeing signs of SPRING already!?
I am SO ready for it!
Scrap On!


na said...

I think our minds and bodies need and require some down/lazy "jammie" days...we tend to be so much on the go these days that we don't ever take a GOOD FOR YOU! I want a jammie day! :)

We watched Martian Child too because I am a huge John Cusack fan!

I had to laugh over the coffee thing...LOL...poor thing!

Scrapbooking...I think I remember that hobby. I haven't scrapbooked in over a week nor have I picked anything up in there...I miss it terribly. Hopefully in March. As for spring...goodNESS, not a sign to be had in this town. But, please let it be soon!!!! :)

chuck-ola said...

Love jammie day!!!! I need at least 6 of them right now, lol.

We just rented nannie diaries, but ended up not seeing it. Because it's pg13 I wouldn't let Chloe watch till I had seen it, and I never had time, so ya know....martian child looked good-is it worth renting at all?

Poor, poor millie. I hope you can find a cheap fix that will last!

Concert looks like a blast, you should go see superchick, they put on a good show too. Or at least they did a few years ago!?

Spring...well, let's see today we had an earthquake, is that spring? How about the meteorite or the lunar eclipse? Maybe shooting down a spy satelite, are any of those spring? We've had them all (or had them nearby) this week! Weird week!! Oh well, at least we don't have snow right now (although we may get some tonight)?!