Friday, February 08, 2008

Aaahhhh FRIDAY!!!

Yes, it is true... we made it to Friday! For some reason, this week has sort of flown by and yet, it was so full of errands, and listings, and chores, and ... oh - yes, and reading?!!! LOL! (THAT is where my time went?!)

I did read a couple of books this week... my Mom brought over a stack of Debbie Macomber books - and I had only read one of them already - so that is what I spend a good portion of my week doing... it was wonderful! I also put a lot of computer time in this week... lots of time on It has become some sort of obsession... I love it! I have already met so many incredible people there, and have benefited from using the Nutritional Tracker and the Fitness Tracker too! I joined a few 'teams' in the beginning and quickly realized how much stinkin' e-mail I was getting... it was too much! THEN I found the little box to UNcheck whenever making a post and cut the load in half immediately! I was amazed that I was able to get through Super Bowl Sunday without too much trouble, and even made it through Bunko last night! Now, I admit - the weekends are harder, because that is when we often eat out or have a drink in the evening... but I am learning that I just need to adjust my numbers so I can still do this without completely blowing the entire weekend! The best mind adjustment for me has been to remember that nothing is really off limits, because this is not a diet... it is a lifestyle change! Anyway - I am sure that I will learn how to spend my time on that site better (with less blindly browsing around) so it won't require so much of my day! I also listed a few stamp sets on eBay... about 10 sets are up and for sale... check 'em out if you are interested! They are all Stampin' Up! sets and are all Retired. You know me... I have to make room for the new sets I just ordered, so these must go! I am also working on listing a few more items in my Etsy store... and that has taken some computer time as well!

However, I am happy to say that I have not spent the ENTIRE week either on my reading chair, or on the computer! Pretty Millie and I are getting along famously and we meet four times this week! I also went on a nice walk with my sis' and discovered/enjoyed a yummy Starbucks Skinny Caramel Latte for only 90 calories! SaWeet!!! (actually not... it was sugar-free?! LOL! Which, I have to say - I usually don't like that because I can taste that after taste... but the caramel is really pretty good!)

Kayelyn's friend at school let her know that she thought they should stop talking to each other for a week... (again!?) and informed Kaye that she would be bringing all of her belongings to school today... ya know, the stuff she has loaned her or left at her house... Yeah - I know... it sounds like they are breaking up to me, too!? Whatever?!? ...the drama is endless, and honestly I am so proud of how Kaye is handing it all! You could not PAY me to be in Junior High again!? OH - and Kaye had Tim (aka Stalker boy) call her at 7am yesterday!? yeah?! On a school day!? I don't even THINK so?!

I managed to do my business taxes yesterday... (and yeah, by "I" - I mean Dave!?)... glad that is done... maybe now I will feel like scrapping again? It's been a week or so and I need to get back to work, I know... but it was nice to take a week off and read and relax! I had Bunko last night... I won - but I won Avon Lotion... which is great... but my Mom sells Avon - so my cup runneth OVER already, so I gave it away! Dave went to a SunKings (basketball) game and Kaye had a Baby Shower for the Youth Pastors wife... Oh yeah - I made this super cute Baby Girl card (and forgot to take a pix of it?!) and then had Kaye write in it since the gift was from her and all. She asked what to write in a card for a pregnant woman, and I asked her what came to mind. So she said, "Good luck on the table, and don't forget to push, Honey!" Yeah... that's my girl! LOL! So - that is what she wrote! Too funny! I didn't tell her about the custom of passing AROUND the cards/gifts! Tee hee! She is a gift of JOY, that one!

This weekend?! NO plans?!?!!! Not ONE thing on the Calendar?! Of course - all the Passes are closed so it's not like we can go anywhere too far away!? But - I think I feel a road trip coming on!!!? We'll see?!

Anyone have any plans for Valentine's Day!? Do any of you do anything special - any kind of tradition or anything?! (with your spouse, or with your kids?) C'mon Na... you must do SOMETHING?! Happy Anniversary next week Chuck... hope you guys get to do something FUN and special!

Oh - here are a couple of Digi's I did for a Scrap Challenge for one of my teams at SparkPeople:

I have been walking with Millie and thoroughly enjoying the new Jack Johnson, and "The Lost Highway" CD from Bon Jovi! I also have the new Eagles CD... I haven't listened to it yet, so I am off now to plug it in and get back to real 'work' here on this computer!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!
Scrap On!


na said...

1. I love weekends with nothing to do! And here in Idaho the weather is almost springlike...NICE!

2. I LOVE Debbie Macomber books! My old writing partner went to a convention and she was one of the guest speakers and brought me back one of her books...I've been hooked on her books since.

3. Sounds like you are staying on target! That's great! I am trying to build some exercise in my day and eat more fruits and veggies and see where that takes me...

4. I remember when Josh was a young toddler I made everything red for dinner and served hamburgers shaped in hearts. But, now with three kids, etc. I just don't ever seem to have it in me to get that creative over Valentine's day...however, this year I may pick up take out from Red Robin which is where Larry and I met way, way, wayyyyy back! Thought that might be fun.

darcie said...

Nice job staying on track, I hope Millie has a complete recovery & no more problems!!!

I'll have to check out the Debbie M. books, I'm reading another one of the Karen Kingsbursy series right now. I forget the name, it's a series of three & the first one is all about a drunk driver...waiting for morning, I think that's it!

I am sill in a scrap funk, haven't got to go scrap in almost a month & won't be able to this week either. :o( I have a really cute apron planned to make Ashlyn, but haven't had the energy to start it yet either. Soon I hope.

Thanks for the annv. wishes! Dan is really sick & I'm trying not to get sick, so no special plans for that or valentines day this year, lot's of sitting on the couch resting, lol.

darcie said...

Happy valentines day, love ya!

Lammy said...

These are gorgeous!
Great ideas.
Can't remember how I found your blog... just linked through! GLad I found you!
Not sure if you're a card maker, but SImply Renee is having a contest... and giving away free stuff!
How cute!
love the library tags...
Not sure how I linked here... but I'm glad I found you.

If you're interested in card making... Simply Renee is having a contest... and giving away free stuff.
Thanks for sharing your LO's.