Friday, February 15, 2008

Aaaah - Valentine's Day (a day late!) LOL!

Aahh yes... as a true and hopeFUL romantic, I am all about this special day!
When I take down my Christmas decorations... I pull out my Valentine's Day decorations!!!
I love it! I suppose it could stem back to the days of growing up with a Mom who worked a second job at Hallmark... but much to my husband's early dismay, I LOVE to buy little gifts for Valentine's Day for our dd... and Easter... and... and... and! (I think he has talked me out of St Patty's day now that she is older... but I can't say for sure!?) He can thank Hallmark for this, I am sure! Well - Hallmark and my Mother!

Actually, back in the day - when we were new parents, we would normally get a babysitter for our dd and go out to have a romantic dinner out... sometimes even going out of town overnight. We are not so into the buying of gifts (for each other!) and I am fine with that! He has this incredible knack for picking the PERFECT card... at any time, for any occasion... and he writes the sweetest notes in them... that is gift enough for me! (Can you tell that my #1 Love Language is Words of Affirmation?) His is too... so it works out great!!! Anyway - a few years back, I felt the Lord direct me to include our preteen daughter... as I prayed about it, I found the importance of teaching her that Valentine's Day is not all about lovers and only for couples... but it is about LOVE... for couples, yes - but also for friends, and family... and so we began a new tradition!

So - that is what we did again this year! My day, however, started out like this:

OH YEAH! My UPS guy was LOVED today! Not only did I get the RAK I won on I Am A Scrapaholic, but I got my Stampin' Up! Party box, too!!! Yeah! Then I rearranged the living room and prepared for the night! We ordered take-out from our favorite restaurant (MMmm - New Thai - instead of the yummy Chicken Phad Thai with EXTRA Peanut sauce, I got the Holy Chicken with rice... a little healthier!?!) I pulled a nice intimate candlelit table over to our window with a view and we enjoyed a romantic dinner for 4 and just relax together. We end the meal by taking Communion - focusing on the One who loves us Best and who already gave the Greatest Gift! We all loved it... and I know that our dd feels loved on and special and included! I did not want her to be single at 14 or 16 (or 35) and feel like this day excludes her! I still love to give Valentine's to friends now and then... although this year, I made so many sets for Etsy that I was just crafted out and didn't give any out - other than Kaye and our roommate Lorraine! I actually BOUGHT Dave a card this year... I figured that would somehow be MORE special?! LOL!? Since I ALWAYS make them for him! Usually I would make a fancy homemade dessert as well... but this year I went to a bakery and purchased individual desserts so I won't be tempted by leftovers! I got a large slice of Cheesecake w/blueberries, a piece of Carrot Cake, and a piece of Frosted Chocolate Cake... YUM! There are four of us - so we gave Kaye about 1/2 of the chocolate cake and then the rest of us split the other desserts so we each got a little "amuse bushe"!

Normally, Dave and I do not trade gifts... just a card and maybe a small (4pc) box of chocolates! But this year he surprised me with 2 new CDs (LeAnn Rimes and Jeremy Camp) and a potted Hydrangea plant! Woot! and some yummy dark chocolate covered berries and almonds! Mmmm! I got Lorraine a DVD (Sense and Sensibilities) and some fancy chocolate too! For Kaye... well, I got her a new make-up set, and a little box of chocolates... and a super cute boy-cut undergarment! LOL! Honestly - she has wanted some of these for months but I am cheap and I refuse to buy them one at a time for $6 each... and besides, she is 12... she is so not in need of cute underwear!? LOL!? But - I remember being about her age when I wanted to have nicer pajama's and all... just makes you feel girly... Anyway - we also went and got our hair (and eyebrows) done... nice!!! Anyway, I know that I am blessed with a wonderful husband who meets all my needs... but I think it is so vital for us to focus on a larger aspect of LOVE!

Here are a very shots of our Valentine's Day!

Speaking of LOVE... I am feelin' it today! I weighed in yesterday (yes... a day 'early' because I couldn't stand not knowing!) and measured as well... I am down 9#s and have lost a couple of inches as well... (1" off my waist; 1.5" off my hips; .5" off my neck) When I told my husband this morning... you would have thought I said I lost 50 pounds?! He's awesome!!! The one set back that I am dealing with this week is that it is quite possible that Pretty Millie (my treadmill) is sick... she's been having Hot Flashes and I am concerned! I have been taking my workouts in smaller chunks of time this week instead of running her for 70 minutes straight... but I can't actually keep doing that - it's not gonna work for me or for her long term!? I am praying that she will be fine and we can just clean her and she will get back to normal... but if she is really sick - I may need a miracle... I can't imagine not having her now that I am obsessed with her! I can't go a day or two without meeting with her and nothing else really compares?! Pray for Millie... LOL! Today I did a 30minute workout and gave her a break... I am hoping to get another 30minutes in this afternoon!
Oh... here is Kaye's new do... her hair was almost down to her waist yesterday morning!
It is just too cute! It looks great flat ironed (like this:)
Or just letting it air dry and scrunching it a bit to encourage that gorgeous natural curl! (like this:)

So... here's to a great day all in all - and to more success on the way! V-Day I will admit at first intimidated me... it is so often tied with chocolates and overeating and candy galore... however, I think I was able to enjoy my meal guilt-free (without blacking out!) and even enjoyed dessert! Here's hoping you all felt loved and treasured yesterday!

So, I offer you a belated Happy Valentine's Day, people!
Share the Love, people! Share the Love!

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