Monday, May 12, 2008

New Music Additions

Yep - I know... but now before ya'll question the new songs - let me say, for Kaye's birthday we bought tickets to go see Carrie Underwood and so we wanted to be 'ready' for Carrie and for her opening act Josh Turner. The only two songs I had even heard of his were Long Black Train, and Firecracker... um - yeah - you will notice those are not on my list?! LOL?! (Neither is Jesus, Takes the Wheel!) OK - so if you can sit through (or scroll through) those additions - you will surely be rewarded... my new favorite girl - Sara Bareilles! LOVE lOvE love her!!!

(I'll write more soon!)

1 comment:

darcie said...

Ummmmm, NO!
I went ahead & clicked on the "medium" Brian Regan-who I heard is coming back to Boise-yippeeeeeeeeeee! Off to check his site now to make sure he's really coming & when. :o)