Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And then there were Two...

Ah yes - this is it! The Finale of American Idol - down to the last two singers... It's not all the impressive that I called this finale way back before Hollywood... but I do tend to have a knack for it - I have called the final two about 5 out of 6 seasons I think now! I am on the fence as to who I really want to win... I like them both... and they will both do great! I tend to prefer David Cook as far as style and sound... although David A can sing... I tend to think, as it has been said OVER and OVER here and everywhere else, David A would fair better if he won and had Simon controlling him, and Cook would fair better if he came in second... and yet - I really think he deserves to win! Overall - with consistency, AND performance, he wins!

So - enough of that... I finally did hear that the "Mom" loved her gift... so I can share a few pages now! This was a super fun Chipboard book - my first time playing around with Bind It All... um - yeah - I LOVE it now and want to Bind It All ALL the time!?! LOL!?
Last week was spent NOT Scrapbooking?! It's true! I did take a little mini 6x6 Swap page I am working on to my Thursday night Crop - and I pretty much finished them - but I need to add some beloved Stickles to add a bit of Sparkle and then they are done... I will post that next month since I am doing it for a Swap and most of them stalk my blog (or so they say!?) and I don't want them to see it here before in person! No - last week was spent gloriously almost guilt-free in BOOKS!!! Aaah yes - I forgot how much I loved to read... and how much I took for granted that I could just stop and read whenever I wanted?! I am not one to read a few pages and then go about the rest of my day! Perhaps I should learn to discipline myself to do that... but I just love the great escape and think I would much rather put it off until I can dive right in, rather than having to get just a bit here and there!? I read through The Negotiator, and Between Sundays, and Illuminated. I am not in the middle of Someday. I have another one or two in my stack and a couple waiting to be picked up at the library!

Let's see... Kaye's birthday - well - the poor thing - over her birthday weekend, not only did we need to postpone her party due to it being Mother's Day wknd and her friends couldn't come, but she came home Friday with no voice... she was not feeling so great all weekend long?! We did manage to have a family party here on Friday (May 9th) at our house after a dinner out for celebrate my Dad's birthday. That was nice and she scored on cash (which she is raising to help pay for half of her summer camp cost!) and some new shoes, perfume, jewelry, and she scored THE Purse (which is almost as big as she is!?!) Also - here is a shot of the "Oreo" cake that she requested I make... I had two slices before finally taking it to someone ELSES' house to get eaten up! Yummy!

Saturday (her actual birthday) we ended up meeting my high school bff for lunch at Apple-bee's - one of Kaye's favorite places! It was a lot of fun and the boys (er, men!) got along great... our girls, while there is a good 8 years difference, hit it off too... poor Kaye - she was so tired and not feeling good that she didn't even have an appetite... we ran a couple of errands and then came home to rest... she DID open gifts first thing on Saturday morning from us and she LOVED her clothes, and video game, and music... not to mention her Duck! Um - yeah - there is a story there! You would think my girl was blond! The week before we were driving around and talking about something - and somehow we got on the subject of ducks and she went on to say that they say 'squeak, no tweet'... um, yeah?! So - I bought her a duck named SqueakTweet and she LOVES him! Anyway - here is a pix of Kaye and Lauren outside of Apple-bee's... the next generation - hopefully they will make better - um - choices?! Kaye napped in the afternoon, while I read, and Dave apparently roamed around trying to figure out what to buy me?! Since Kaye was not feeling up to it - she asked him to go on his own... uh - never a good idea really!? I honestly adore my man - he is amazing and I have very few complaints - but really!? He is not so good at the gift buying! Sure - he has had his moments... like when he bought me a car for our 10th Anniversary... or when he came through with a great book or a CD I have wanted... the stereo, and bath towels were even nice surprises... Now - let me also say, I completely get that I am not, in fact, his mother! No - for HIS mother - we always go in on a nice hanging basket with his sisters and they buy it and we just reimburse them $5 or so... and for MY Mom, we usually pick out some flowers to plant in her pots on her patio... fairly simple. Our little one has outgrown those precious homemade gifts, and not old enough to really have her own money (that she is willing to spend anyway?) So - Dave ventured out and roamed around and ended up buying me a CD (that I already own!?) and a Starbuck's Gift card... I hate to complain - because, well - I DID love that CD enough to already buy it once, and hey - who doesn't love Starbuck's?! I was just a bit disappointed that he couldn't put a bit more thought into it... I'll get over it... It doesn't help that every year Mother's Day is right around Kaye's birthday and my Dad's birthday and so we are usually already tapped out in our budget! Kaye did write out a super sweet card and that, of course, was my favorite thing anyway!?
So - we went out of town on Friday - heading to Richland and the 100 degree heat!? The boys had a great time golfing - didn't quite place - but they were close! Us girls hit the Mall for just a little bit - Kaye scored her beloved Red Skinny Leg jeans, and her long awaited Sunglasses! Now that she has contacts, she finally gets to sport some Shades! We took a brief walk in the crazy muggy heat and then mostly stayed inside in the air conditioned loveliness! LOL!?
We came home on Saturday and Kaye had Holly overnight for her birthday... just the two of them! But - they still had a blast! I offered to pay them $5 each if they answered the door to the pizza guy using a bad Brooklyn accent! (Have ya'll seen that commercial on TV?) I thought FOR SURE they would chicken out... that was a pretty expensive cheap Domino's pizza?! LOL! But - it was worth it!
It cracked me up... they basically studied the commercial and said the same things as the guys on the commercial - and then Holly asked if he got that all the time!? LOL! Um - yeah - he said no - they were the first?!
On Sunday, the girls worked at the YakAttack - a local huge Soccer Tournament... they got LOTS of sun and had a blast! This week, well - now I am not feeling so hot... so I am once again reading and trying to rest! I shampooed my carpets - always SCARY gross what all comes up when you do that!? I have all the windows open to help the carpets dry all the way before I 'reassemble' everything... I need it all back in place before AI tonight!

So - that's my update - nothing super exciting... but there ya have it!
Scrap On!

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