Thursday, May 15, 2008

Real Quick-Like...

OK... So apparently Chuck didn't like my last 'update'... so real quick like, before I head out - I will give ya a little something else...

Not that I have much to share... I have spent much of the week reading... Aaah sweet escape! I read two books and am halfway through a third... (that one you gave me Darcie - it's really good!) Let's see... AI - yep- I called it way back in the beginning... as I do nearly every year! Now who will win!? It seems as though it will be David A - although I know myself, I will buy David Cooks' CD without hesitation, and doubt I will buy the other... but if it is all the 14 year old girls - OH MY GOODNESS?! - David A is going to need serious security!? Did you all see the clip where he went back home and there was that moment where there was some serious FEAR in his eyes... it's like Beattlemania... who knew!?

What else... hmmm - oh - here are some shots from our Mini garden!

Oooh - and I won at Bunko... here is my SaWEET prize:

Only - to really appreciate the win, you must see my new top - that I was wearing at Bunko:

Nice, eh!? Sort of like my own camo!? Couldn't of planned it if I tried?!
Here's a Digi I did using my super cool new shirt as background paper:

I will post some shots of my last job soon... I haven't talked with the client yet and though I am certain he gave it to her - I would feel horrible if she saw it on my blog before she saw it in person?! So - that will have to wait!

We are off to stay with some friends tomorrow... can't remember what I have shared - but we go every year - usually just Dave and I go, but this year I invited Kaye along and she - after much deliberation - chose me and my friends, over her last school dance and her friends! Yeah - she pretty much ROCKS! So - while the boys are golfing in a tournament, us girls will be relaxing and visiting, and maybe doing a little shopping?!

Next weekend we have the Carrie Underwood concert... which, once again, explains the - uh - 'music' on the top of my playlist... seriously - scroll down to Sara - she is AWESOME!!! (...and next weekend 'someone' may be coming to visit!?) and the next weekend, Dave has his Rush concert... after that - I think we will all be concerted out for awhile?! LOL!?

Oh - hey... check this out - I got this GREAT deal... another SaWeet prize of sorts...
I got it for only $4.60! LOL! Check it out:

Nice!!! ("Oh wait, are you a fan of delicious flavor?)
The first person who can tell me what this is from (WITHOUT Googling it! LOL!) wins a RAK!
I could talk about Kaye's b'day and all that goes with that... or Mother's Day (don't get me started) but I am off now to Crop tonight... and then we are hit the road tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Scrap Happy!

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darcie said...

Ok, I waited & waited for someone else to guess where the quote is from-and I do know, but I also had to google it since I don't watch the show it came from. Should I tell? Should I wait?? I just can't decide. Ok, I'm gonna tell...psych-no I'm not! Hee hee... :op

Glad to see your "post card" finally arrived, lol!? Did you really have to pay? Kori got her's and didn't have to pay, wonder what's up with that? I'll have to treat you to coffee sometime this weekend to make up for it. :o)

See you soon, take luck!!
Think anyone will get my clue? ;o)