Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America!!!

I know, I know...
This is old - but it is still one of my favorite layouts/photo's from the 4th of July!
We are sadly so used to celebrating the 4th at the beach - that we have failed, yet again, to make any real plans for today?! LOL?! We have not been to the beach over the 4th of July for a few years now, mind you - and yet - in our brains, that is what we do on the 4th?!
Yeah - we are pretty much losers... with, apparently, no friends?! LOL!?
We ARE having a Family BBQ at my Mom's today with my family - and that will be nice...
we may end up going to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks - but my husband, as unAmerican as he is, is not really all that into the fireworks phenomenon?!
I know?! Ya'll can pray for him!?
Well - this past week was gloriously lazy... I spent a lot of time with my little one - just hanging out, watching movies (We went to see Prince Caspian - very good! - and we rented Fools Gold {ok}, Jumper {pretty good} and Fantastic Four {ok - but hokey!}... we also all watched Batman the Beginning again... LOVE that movie - it is SO good... now Kaye wants to see the new one coming to the theaters... but I think it looks a bit too dark - we'll see?!), we have played several rounds of Mexican Train, we've watched hours of tennis, and just actually sat and talked for hours... she has been very attentive and talkative lately - and I am drinking it up while I can!
All of this, however, means that I have not done anything Scrap related?! I have a huge stack of Boise photo's to scrap and I have seriously neglected my online stores! I really need to get busy with those again... plus, I have another custom order of 8 books in the works! Yay! I am praying that this little job will help finance a NEW wardrobe for me in the Fall!
This week, my lovely teen will be off to GC Summer camp (GC = Generation Church - which is our Youth Group!) She is SO excited... her first experience at camp was for Winter Camp in February... at the same place - but summer is a whole different game there! She will have a blast! When she came home from Winter Camp - she had really had a powerful time with God there and really grew tremendously in her faith... and it was for the first time - definitely HER faith! Ya know how it is - you raise them up and show them the way - but there has to come a moment when they choose it on their own and go ahead and dive in... she has done that little by little through the years - but Winter Camp really changed her... she came home transformed and I have faith and anticipation that Summer Camp will do more of the same!
While she is gone - I will have 4 entire days all to myself... I am planning on scrapping those Boise pix and maybe working a bit on my LunchBox Album... go figure - the paper line that I fell in love with and must have for it is not really available anywhere... I can find the paper kit and will purchase that... but buying the individual sheets is proving to be difficult... but I am already committed to it - so I will work around whatever I can find!
I have stayed faithful to my workout schedule so far over the summer and have continued to lose about a pound a week... although I am happy to announce that I lost 2 pounds while in Boise - which is amazing considering the Moscato and the Cheesecake Factory, and the cookies Darcie made... not to mention my 'birthday' pie! LOL! Ya gotta love a safe neighborhood to walk in - not to mention a nice workout room at the pool!
I have finished a few books this week as well... and I am super excited to dig into The Shack!!! Have any of you read it?! It is like this phenomenon... there has been so much hype about it - I am feeling a little rush just to start it! I will let you know what I think! It seems like, if the hype is true, it will be another one of those books that we buy in bulk to give away! We tend to do that every few years... I think the last one we did that with was Blue Like Jazz... or maybe it was the Dream Giver. Anyway - I will let ya know what I think - I am sure I will read it all in one setting... maybe during one of those 4 'free' days?!
Anyway - have a safe and happy 4th of July!
"Stand Beside Her, and Guide Her..."
God Bless America!
Scrap On!


darcie said...

I wanna go to the beach too!! Love that picture of the girls. :o)

chuck said...

I keep clicking & clicking, but STILL no update!? :o(

Denice said...

Love the LO of the girls in their hats, even if it is from a few years ago! Hooray for the red, white, and blue!