Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Quick Update and a couple of Digi's

Hey there...

Well - I was able to do a few Digi LOs this week, including the S2L Challenge of using Orange/Pink on a LO and I thought I would just type out a quick update!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a super last minute Custom card order... the gal found me via my Etsy store and wanted a custom birthday card for her hubby! (His b'day was in a matter of days!) All she told me was he loves Blue, and they like to Scuba Dive together... she also included a personal message for me to include on the inside of the card (which will remain personal) but here is the finished product:

They loved it and are in fact planning on framing it! Yeah! I love a happy customer!!!

Kaye had an INCREDIBLE time at Camp... powerful and fun and just as I had hoped, she came home stirred up and more in love with God! He really helped to make stronger connections with her friends there as well! I was not raised in church or believing in a God who cares and is personally interested... I did not have church camp or friends who would help me to stand up for what is right... I can not imagine the advantage that she has! It's amazing to me how she is growing up and who she is becoming! She came back last Thursday - and Bunko ended early - so I didn't miss too much of her sharing the first time around! (and no... I didn't win anything at Bunko!?) On Friday - we literally laid around ALL DAY and talked, read together a bit, and watched tv... a total 'Jammie Day' as we used to call them! It was WONDERFUL!

We are about 1/2 through The Shack... right where my hubby is too... we read it while he is at work and then he reads it on his own! I am so glad to have heard back from some of you saying that you plan to read it, or are reading it! I am serious when I say I would LOVE to talk with you when you are done and hear what your thoughts are! It's one of those books that you really do need to digest! I know it is fiction - and yet there is enough truth in it that it gives you plenty to really think about...

I am in need of a hair cut and color... seriously in need! I have been in need for too long already, but I can't seem to make up my mind! I am, as most if not all of you know by now, rather cheap - and I am not one to spend $$$ on having my hair colored, etc. I usually do it myself - but I have really liked going darker lately and that just fades too fast when I do it myself. So - I am having a bit of a dilemma! I want to have it done - but I refuse to spend $100... and I have a lot of hair - so that is probably not a crazy amount anyway?! But - to me - it is?! I also have been considering bangs?! I am not sure... my daughter suggested it and I keep feeling like it may be time!? I haven't had bangs forEVER?! It's one of those things you really can't change your mind on - and inevitably, I will want to change my mind once they are cut?! So - I am waiting another week even though I shouldn't - and then I will probably just go in and say something horrifyingly scary like, "I don't care - do whatever you want!" ??? (See? This is why I am waiting?!)

This weekend we are off to spend time with my sister... people in the past have often assumed we were twins. We never thought we looked THAT much alike - but we are definitely kindred spirits! We used to live right across the street from each other and even when we weren't living THAT close - we still saw or talked to each other every day. However, it's been months since we've been able to chat in person so this weekend is way past due! We are staying up in the mountains at a rented lodge... I can't wait!

Anyway - I am doing good... the past couple of weeks I have really felt like I was 'off' a bit... just not as motivated with my workouts and a bit discouraged in not seeing more of an outward change after all this work... however, I know it is working and I am mostly spinning in circles because I have a lack of routine - and I know myself enough to know that I do not thrive without routine! So - hopefully - now that I have pinpointed what it is - I will get myself back on track and will find some motivation to push through! I worked on a Digi 'LO' to post on my SP page once I reach the 40 pound loss... last week, I was at 38... it would be GWEAT if I could post it to my page this week... we'll see! I will give you a little sneak peak here... (hoping that won't jinx my weigh in on Thursday?!):
They have some icons for certain pounds lost to post on your page - but you know, I thought this was more my style!!! I saved this LO so that when I lose more weight - yes, even one pound at a time, I can update the image to reveal the correct amount of weightloss! I love this digi kit - it's called Promise by Shabby Princess!
Here are the other Digi LOs I have completed this week:

I am still gathering photo's and e-mails/letters from various friends (hint, hint Chuck!) for my Friendship Lunch Box Album... I have about half of the peoples' responses! It just sort of feels funny to bother people about writing something nice about me... LOL! But - the album will be so cute! I finally broke down and ordered the papers... I tried to talk myself out of the hard to find paper - but alas, I couldn't!? I had already fallen in love?! So - hopefully I will be able to start actual work on that project soon! I mailed out our SWAP pages from S2L today, too!

I have my Scrap Link this Thursday and will bring ,y lunchbox to work on a bit! Plus - I really do need to make a few new items for my stores! I think I will make 12x LOs to list for sale as well! I haven't done that and need to add something new to the storefront!

Until next time... which really, who can know when that will be?
It is, after all, the lazy days of summer!!!
Scrap on!


darcie said...

You are DANG lucky there's an update here since you just left me smack, LOL!!! Mine was being updated as you smacked, so you can go back now. ;o)

chuck said...

What are you waiting for-time to update!?
Cute homemade flippers! :o)