Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boise, Bunko, my Baby... and a Must Read Book!

I know, I know... it's a cheesy title - but you know how I am with those things! LOL!

Well - first off - here are the pages I did while I was IN Boise...
(It was nice to scrap with you girls!)

OK - I scrapped all of my photo's (well, ALMOST all!?) and am all caught up again on our 2008 Family Album... I need to transfer it though because I already have too many pages?! I may need one of those 3 Ring Binders that Chuck is in love with?! Anyway - here are my pages... (yes - I kno w... you will recognize the photo's from my other post! LOL! Just pretend, ok?!)

Tonight is Bunko night... I guess I have been doing this new lifestyle/way of eating deal long enough that Bunko Night no longer envokes fear and anxiety... sure - it still offers up a ton of temptation - but I am learning what I can handle and how to make better choices... so it is not as stressful! I have lost 38 pounds since February... I long for those weigh in weeks where I lost 4 and 6 pounds... but lately it has been 1-2 pounds a week... I know this is good - and will make it easier to keep it off... but a great loss would really be a welcomed change! LOL! Last night we went out with friends and had dinner (Applebee's) and then they came over and we played Mexican Train... I believe we played 3 rounds... and I lost every one of them! LOL! At least Robbin didn't win! tee hee!!! Hopefully tonight - we will both win a prize!!!

My Baby...
She is due home tonight... in route as I type... she called or texted (is that a word?!) me every day... she had an AMAZING time and I can't wait to hear all about it in person! I almost called in to cancel Bunko so I could be the one to pick her up! I know... I pick her up from school and get the full days events in the car and by the time Daddy gets home - she is out of words... I dont' want that to happen with camp... but - Dave assured me that she will have PLENTY to share about and I have already heard the majority of it anyway... so he encouraged me to go... and who couldn't use a bit of Bunko Time?! I have missed Kaye but it was nice to have the quiet house for a few days! Of course - we had a Cat Issue right before she left - so that was not fun! Our family pet, who is GREAT and has NEVER sprayed or had an accident in the house - decided that he all of a sudden needed to mark Kaye's room the night before Camp!? Yeah... ok - so he has had a few air ball incidents... and he sheds terribly... but he does not scratch the furniture or pee anywhere or anything - up until Sunday night that is!? So - he sprayed or peed in Kaye's room on her FURRY chair, and all over her clothes that were 'ready to be' packed for Camp! Nice! Yeah - um - how do you get out THAT smell in an hour?! Nice... her room is STILL airing out?! Yuck!? Anyway - she will be home tonight and I can't WAIT to spend the day with her tomorrow... do I have plans with her, you ask? Of course...

And that brings us to, lastly,
A Must Read Book...

I finally got my hands on The Shack! I had been, as I stated last week, waiting for EVER to get this from the library - the wait list was ridiculous and I was already knowing we would be buying it soon... and then it was handed to me and I was able to sit down and start it on Sunday evening... I finished it after dropping Kayelyn off for Camp on Monday morning!




There are no words... (and you know {Denice} for me, that is saying somethin'!) This book is AMAZING!!! It is a simple quick read - a fiction story of sorts... but it is so deep and so TRUE... and so incredible! If you have not heard of it - run out and buy it... if you have heard of it - and haven't read it yet... seriously - what are you waiting for?! Get your hands on it and then talk to me! I would LOVE to know your thoughts!!! (If you can't get your hands on it - tell me, I will get them on it FOR you!!!)

OK - I am off to get ready for Bunko... Wish me luck!
(I need a coffee I think!? LOL!?)


darcie said...

Sorry, can't really comment right now-must go put The Shack on my library request list! :o)

me again said...

Ok, I'm back...and #76 on the wait list!?! Good thing I have several other reads in the works right now lol. I read the summary though & it sounds great!

Anyway, love the layouts of Boise! I haven't even ordered those pictures yet, lol. Hope you won at bunko, sorry about the mexican train, maybe it's just not your game?! :op

Kary said...

Beautiful layouts, Karri!! And thanks for recommending this book to me--I'm going to the beach for two weeks and need a good read!!

Denice said...

What an over-achiever you are! My gosh....when do you find the time? All your lo's, on-crops, etsy store, and blogs.....I'm soooooooo jealous! You must know "time-management!" LOL!

Love all your lo's, hope your daughter had a great time, and I've never played bunko....but I've heard it's really just about the food! Ha ha!

I guess it's not stalking when my name show up on the top...

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