Monday, July 21, 2008

A Nice Quiet Get Away...

Wow... what a perfect relaxing weekend?! It was not camping - (praise God...) but it was out in the woods, and we did suffer!? This gorgeous Log Cabin in fact, only had one bathroom! Yeah - that's right... one bathroom, for 12+ people!? However, other than that... it was perfect!!! (Even with all that family all over the place?! (Oh yeah - and that LAME 'bedroom' that Dave and I had?! Yeah - that part was not perfect... just ask Dave?! LOL!)

This little gem of a log cabin is just 20 minutes out of town and my sister and her hubby were able to barter a weekend with the owners. He is working on their website, and so they got a long weekend stay - and promptly invited my entire family... parents, sister, extended family... Um?! Hello!? I thought she said it would be a NICE weekend away!? Just kidding... I actually get along great with my family almost all of the time!? There is drama of course... but we can all make it through a weekend together and manage to laugh, and talk, and cook, and visit, and laugh some more?!

As you can see... we had a full house! My parents, my sister and her daughter (her hubby and son couldn't make it), my little family along with my daughters' bff, the Balls (who did the bartering) and their kids... and then we also had an Aunt and Uncle and a couple of cousins, as well as a couple of friends pop in over the weekend!

It's GORGEOUS up there...

Millcreek Area
Top of the Mountain Log Cabin

The Bunkhouse
Strawberry Fields forever... we managed to get our way INto the fields -and just walking along those rows, the fragrance was so powerful - and who doesn't love freshly picked strawberries?! YUM! "Strawberry Fields Forever"

Hike up the Mountain

Kayelyn Marie (13)

Dave & Jack jammin' on teh deck!

Silly Girls - Holly & Kayelyn

Brandon & Jack - hanging out chillaxin'

The climb up the mountain was a nice little workout... the kids (all on their own!?) made it all the way to the top! Yeah, um - they were gone for over 2 hours and the area is known for some cougar and bear sightings... plus I had just read The Shack - so ya know, disappearing into the woods wasn't exactly sitting well with me?! The kids also had some adventure swimming down in the creek and sleeping out in the Bunkhouse...

~Dave & Karri~

We spent teh majority of hte weekend talking, and playing games, and talking, and taking photo op's, and playing music, and talking... (you get the picture!) I did not come by this love of words by accident?! LOL! Overall - it was a great weekend - super relaxing... completely UNPLUGGED - no cell phone or internet service or anything! Nice!!! Oh - my FAVORITE photo is one of me and my flygirls, just chillin' - but I think I may have promised not to post it?! LOL!? I can't really recall... I am pretty sure it will be uploaded SOMEWHERE soon though!? It's just too good! (Peace!)
~Kimmy, (me), & Karinna~

Our Family - the original Collins' Clan
Karinna, Mom, Dad, me, & Kim
I was over on two days with my Spark Ranges... but I also got some hiking in and I am not going to beat myself up about it... we all had a blast! I came home to boxes of pretty Cosmo Cricket papers, and so I am hoping to get to work on that lovely Friendship Album I am wanting to do! Yay! Maybe this week...

Scrap On!


darcie said...

So that's where you were, LOL! Looks like a great trip, beautful pictures-do you have them all scrapped yet? :op

Frindship album....I think I was supposed to do something for that!? Just kidding, I totally have not forgot, but I am not a "word" person, so i'm having trouble thinking up something, lol. I will do it, just at the very, most extreme last minute as usual. :o)

Denice said...

From the pics it looks like you really had to "rough it" over the weekend! LOL! wonderful and relaxing....yes, even with a zillion people in the same house I bet you had a great time! I hope you made a refreshing drink with all those strawberries...

me said...

update update update!!!

chuck said...

hello, anybody home?