Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Ready to Leave again...

Somehow, this summer seems to have lacked one major vacation - and yet, several little weekend getaways! I almost like this better... it just FEELS more like summer! (Although - I refuse to skip my beach trip yet again next year! I MUST have my feet in some sand at the ocean!!!)

I have been in vacation mode for several weeks - even when we are home?! So - you know what that means... my house is a MESS (which is supposed to be what I am doing today!? ...uh, which explains why I am now deciding to update this blog?! LOL?)! It's not that I have been busy... not really!? Last week I was able to hook up with a friend that I hadn't spent time with in weeks, and that was an entire afternoon of visiting and laughing and catching up. I also went to Richland for an afternoon with Kaye and met up with two of my friends there... we spent the whole day at a great little place called Smoovies. PERFECT for the kids and so comfortable and fun... They serve smoothies, along with lattes, etc. and a limited breakfast and lunch menu... they have plenty of places to sit and visit over coffee, while the kids (or kids at heart) can play for free all sorts of games... board games, card games, the wii, Dance Party USA, Guitar Hero, foosball, etc. Wow?! EASY to spend the whole day there!!! Dave went to Jazz in the Valley on his own - we WERE all going to go - but at the last minute, we decided he could go on his own, and us girls would hang out with our friend Arlene and lounge in her pool and visit! Nice! So - Friday night Kaye had Holly overnight and we all went and hung out at the pool for the day! Sunday-Tues I was involved in a conference here in town. Being on the Intercessory Prayer team for the conference meant I had to be there at 7:15am to pray... and the meetings got over each night around 10:30pm or so! Yeah... they were GREAT... but I was TIRED!!! LOL! The worship portion was great... I love Jeff & Robbie Ecklund! All the speakers were incredible - Ed Silvoso has an amazing ministry for reaching nations - literally seeing major transformations in entire cities and nations due to what he equips people to do... (which is basically knowing their authority and praying through the community!) My favorite speaker of the entire conference was Kris Vallotton from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. He works with Bill Johnson and he is so funny and so transparent... he really blessed us (and made us laugh - which is always a great way to receive truth from God!)

So - that is what I have been doing... no scrapping, no writing, (no cleaning!?), just relational stuff... which really is so important and so much a part of what I LOVE about summertime! We seem to MAKE the time in the summer to do these things that we really should do ALL the time?!

This weekend we are off to Whidbey Island for 4 days... we're really looking forward to it! My sister and her family are vacationing there with her hubby's new boat - so I am sure we will spend some time on the water, as well as walking all over the 'beach'. We're planning a picnic at Deception Pass and you know I will have plenty of photo's to work with when I return! I DID take lots of photo's while up at the Cabin - but I am thinking I will make them into a Digi mini book instead of printing them for pages in our Family Album... all these little weekend trips are causing my Album to be FULL already - and it is only July!? (well - almost August?! But still...?!)

So... August... this means that we have a School Shopping trip planned for the Super Mall soon, and Kaye and I will get to spend some time with my highschool bff, Annette and her family then. Plus we would still like to possibly squeeze in a Waterpark trip to Moses Lake... they added a Lazy River, and a Wave Pool too I guess... and Dave has never been - so we're trying to talk him into taking yet another day off of work and spending one more day out of town together before Kaye starts (gasp!?) Junior High!? sigh... I can't even think about it?! OH - speaking of THAT... at the conference, immediately there was this guy that was stalking my kid?! No joke?! I mean - it was a Christian conference so it shouldn't have been so creepy - but it was! LOL! There used to be this boy that hung around my niece and her family... he was a sweetheart - but sort of had this... uh... 'spirit' on him!? And both me and my sister (my nieces' Mom) knew immediately what he was up to... but I digress... anyway - this guy at the conference was JUST LIKE THAT... same spirit and all... and so I kept referring to him by the wrong name... and he would correct me, and Kaye and I would laugh... "Yeah... whatever... same difference?!" The most alarming thing though was that Kaye didn't discern his creepiness... which to me was SO OBVIOUS... so that is a bit concerning?! At least she knows that I can read people and I have discernment! I told her one day - maybe not in these next few years - but one day - she will thank me for it!

Anyway - I also was approached to do another women's conference which means I must find creative energy and inspiration to make up some stock for the weekend! Last year I was surprised that the journals didn't really sell that great... but frames and cards did pretty well. I do custom original work - that is usually made to order, so making things ahead of time is always a stretch! Oh - and a side note question... I had my hair colored last week... first time I have gone and paid $100 to have it done (I usually do it myself with over the counter color...) anyway - the question - is it normal to have it wash out once you get home?! I mean, in the last three times I have shampooed, and when I sweat during my workout - the color comes out?! It is faded a bit too... but, ?! Is this normal?! Of course, when I stopped by the salon, they said it was!? But - I know when I color it myself, it fades quickly, but it doesn't so much wash out?! Tips?! Input?!

Anyway - I give... I must go vacuum at least?! After all, tomorrow I have an online Crop and two very thoughtful ladies sent me photo's just so I would have SOMETHING to work on! (Yeah - thanks for that, girls! LOL!)
Until next time... which won't be quite as long, I promise!
Scrap On~


Michele said...

Enjoy your other mini vacation! I need to go on another one! lol But then that just means I am behind on everything else!

Also, I try to help out where I can!! lol Next time you won't be so quick to challenge me! lol Thanks again for doing that. They turned out Terrific! I really am very pleased! Two less pages for me to do!! Thanks!

Denice said...

When do you have time for everything? Vacationing, seminars, scrapping, cleaning? My head is spinning just thinking about it! Enjoy your mini vaca's!

Did you get your hair color figured out, or has it totally washed out into a dull gray color...which has been known to happen!

Thanks for the blog update reminder....I'll try to get on that!