Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aaah - Back to School; Back to Routine! (+ Vote for me!)

Yes... I know... most of you probably already have voted for me... but just as a reminder, voting ends on Thursday at midnight for the Craft Warehouse Scrapbook Queen contest. If you have yet to vote, go to: http://www.craftwarehouse.com/ and follow the link to vote for Scrapbook Queen! (My Layout is in the Yakima category!)

OK - business out of the way... on to the fun stuff!

Today was back to school! My daughter was awake and dressed before I even thought about opening my eyes this morning! Oh how I wish this was a new leaf and we would not have to worry about that dreaded truancy threat from Juvie hall - however, I know that it was just first day of school ("Oh God, please let my locker open and let me not get lost or go into the wrong classroom!") jitters! Oh - you think I am kidding about the juvie threats?! I am not! You would think that I would be able to get her to school on time. I stay home, I have no other pressing things or even other children to get ready... and yet, she is too big to carry out to the car and belt in myself - so I am resorted to being an audio alarm clock! She is SO not a morning girl... and neither am I really, so it is not easy for any of us! We signed up for afternoon kindergarten ON PURPOSE! However, that was a long time ago and you would think that we would have figured it out by now!? We did much better last year than the year before! We went from elementary school starting at 8:50ish (HEAVY on the -ish as all of her teachers were laid back!) to Middle school starting at 7:50 (no grace period given!) Luckily, Junior High starts at 7:50 as well and today - at least - we were on time! We even had a brief moment to take our annual first day of school photo:

We MEANT to be early, but don't even get me started on the whole Mr. Mom "Exit from the North!" fiasco of the local school district!? Oh MY! Add to that, the (sorry Chuck - you know I am not talking about YOU!) Suburban driving Moms who seem to think that no one could possibly be as important as they are and the rules don't apply to them cutting everyone off and causing multiple near-accidents as well as elevated road rage! Yeah - so, Kaye got out of the car with 5 minutes to spare to get to her locker, hopefully open it, put things in order and head to class!

Did she make it, you ask!? Well yes! She did!

Did her locker open, you ask? Well, no! It didn't!? At least not until 4th period... but she did eventually get it! All in all, she had a great first day and came home (thankfully!) with no homework! She DID have tennis lessons that I had forgotten about and now she is getting ready to go to youth group... so I need to wrap this up!

What did I do all day, you ask?! Well... I LOVED the quiet!!! I worked out with Millie and cooled down playing around a bit on this computer... I made a grocery list and ran a few errands! I went out to lunch at The Taj - a delicious authentic Indian food restaurant, with my sis and I got groceries all by myself! I even had time to come home and put them all away too!

What am I doing tomorrow, you ask? I am dropping her off (hopefully early!?) and working out and then meeting a girlfriend at Starbucks to visit for hours and hours... and THEN, if I have time, I will work on that Lunchbox album of mine! (Hint, Hint CHUCK!?)

Hope ya'll are enjoying this back to school season as much as I am!
Scrap Happy! (Oh - and vote for me! again... shameless plug?!) LOL!


Michele said...

So now I gotta know...did you make it to school on time today??? lol Sure hope so! Peace and quite...yep I experiened that starting last week. WOOHOO!! Never thought I would like Monday as much as I do! lol

na said...

HEY! I'm a Surburban driving mom too but I am not pushy nor rude, I promise!!! :)

Maybe you should set all the clocks in your house ahead by 10 or 15 minutes!

The quiet, the peacefulness: HEAVEN!

chuck said...

Hey, how come there's so much "Chuck" negativity here, LOL!?!

I will say I am tempted to be that "suburban driving mom" from time to time, but usualy cause some moron has been doing the very thing you described, in a smaller vehicle. I will win, my car is HUGE and HEAVY. Hee hee hee!!!

Hope you continue to make it on time. Tell Kaye I love the outfit & I think I recognize those shoes?!