Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am alive... and I HAVE been doing something...

Hey there everyone...

OK - I know... I have no good excuse other than just life stuff?! I keep trying to not be sitting in front of a computer all day too - and so that has not been helping?!

Chuck was here... and we had a short visit - but even though it was limited - it was classic Chuck! I seem to recall something about dirty pictures on her Bunko Score sheet... but hey - at least we all got prizes that night! (Plus I still have a couple of bottles of wine in my frig?!) We had fun at the Scrapbook store and yes, I STILL have your Owl Stamps... they are Oober cute, BTW! LOL! I will send them to you soon - I promise! I am thinking they may come with a 5x7 Acrylic block and maybe even something else too... we'll see!? I haven't decided what yet?! will all depend on how "Golden Moon" I am feeling!

Last week it seemed I had an appointment (or more accurately, a play date!) every single day?! No wonder I felt busy... add that to the reality of having the OLYMPICS in the complete OPPOSITE timezone, and I don't feel so bad for feelng so exhausted last week!? Each day I had a fun little coffee or lunch date with a friend! On Tuesday I met up with a few of my Prayer group gals and had a great visit! On Wednesday I met up with three local Sparks gals and had lunch! That was fun! We had been chatting online and decided to meet up in person - something I think we will do more often now that we have done it once! That was fun! On Thursday I had a 'date' with all my crazy Scrapbook Spark gals online and, well - THAT was fun too! Then, on Friday, I had a date with a friend from church! We had been trying to hook up for literally a couple of months... and that was fun! It seems, even though I am a fairly quiet person (shut up!), I can get together one on one, or with a small group - and hours just seem to disappear?!

However, it hasn't been ALL fun and games... I also did some 'work' - well, not really! I have been corresponding with two possible new clients, but the work I refer to is my own projects! I worked a bit on Saturday on that infamous Friendship Album:

How much do you LOVE that Cosmo Cricket line?! YUM!!! ...and on Saturday I also started work on a Mini album for those gorgeous Whidbey Island photo's I shared in my last post:

Today we had church... and then Olympics (OH yeah - I woke up at 3am to watch Nadal win Gold... nice!) and then we had a city-wide concert/worship service at church! That was great! It was like a family reunion - we saw so many people we haven't seen in ages - so that was fun, plus Ross Parsley is AWESOME!!!
So - this week, I have a meeting tomorrow morning. Tuesday morning I have an online crop, and then in the afternoon I am taking my daughter out of town to go Back to School shopping... we'll come back Wednesday night... Thursday I have a date with my sister (and Kaye has Orientation at the Jr High) then in the evening, I have my Scrap Happy group. Friday I have another Online Crop and then my sister and her fam are coming for the weekend! Yay!

Then, we have ONE MORE Monday to hang out together (which I THINK will include some movie rentals and a Jammie day!) before school officially starts up again! This summer seemed to fly by! We had a great summer - staying somewhat close to home - but it was relaxing! I am, however, ready for back to school and back to routine! (and maybe back to cleaning my house again too!? ...maybe?!)

Anyway - there ya go... a somewhat lame update - but an Update nonetheless!
Scrap On!


darcie said...

Well, at least it's something, lol!? Sounds like you've been busy as usual, we're getting ready for back to school night tonight-yippeeee!! We managed to not get the teacher I was nervous about, and the one boy we wouldn't have in Ashlyn's class is not so all possible drama was avoided there. Unfortunately our school is WAY overcrowded, Emma's class has 34 kids right now (as all the 4th grades do) and will only grow as kids move into our boundries. :o(

Hmmm, seems that I have sorta hijacked your blog to update, lol!? You are a sneaky stamp stealer, LOL!! I know you are putting them to good use & I will see them again soon, no worries. :o) Going to scrap with bucket Friday night, its been to long since I've gotten to scrap again! Perhaps that will be my new day job, scrapping my own stuff (along with be ever present at the kids school). :o)

Miss & love you!!!

Michele said...

waiting to talk to you again....seems like we haven't talked forever, you have just been way to busy I see! Glad it is fun busy though. Always a bonus! WOOHOO GO OLYMPICS! lol