Friday, August 29, 2008

Fridays = FUN!!! (US Open Rocks, and Thanks for Voting!)

Aaaah yes... not only was this week Back to school for four glorious days... but today is Friday and that means an online crop all day and all night! It is a private group from SparkPeople (Scrap To Lose Team) and we gather to chat (mostly) and scrap (some?!) all day long! Since my Scrap room and all my supplies are downstairs - no where near my non-laptop computer, I usually just distrac- I mean, chat - instead! Sometimes I will work on some Digi stuff just for fun! But no matter how productive, or unproductive I am, I always have a great time!

Today - I was actually productive! I did a couple of digi's:

...and I had this sweet little set up goin' on:


So - as you can see, I am working on the Lunchbox album! I am lovin' it! And I suppose I should say that Chuck came through and not just with some lame little thing - but something shockingly super sweet... I was pretty sure she really liked me?! LOL!? When I read that she found a poem that reminded her of me, I admit I had visions of obscene lyrics or something - so the actual poem was not only a tad bit touchy-feely for Chuck - but her added comments were perfect! (Thanks Chuck - no more negativity! LOL!) I am still a bit short on a few comments and several current photo's but just getting it out and working on it is making me feel better! I know when it is finally done - I will truly treasure it ALL the time!!!

I have been LOVING the US Open... SO GREAT! LOVE that it is on every day all day! (Sorry Michelle?!) GREAT matches... in fact, there is a fairly large tournament here in town at the Tennis Club this weekend, and Dave is thinking that he will tear me away from the tv to get me to go outside to watch a real live match (as if they would compare to Roger or Rafa, or Novak?) Still - it could be fun!
And lastly, I wanted to thank all of you who voted for me for the Craft Warehouse Scrapbook Queen contest! The online voting is now complete... it is now up to the judges - Heidi Swapp and Ali Edwards and the like?! (Thanks Denice for offering to take Heidi out and vote for me in her place! That was super sweet!) The winners will be announced on Saturday - I will let ya know how it goes!
Last night - we had a GORGEOUS Sunset... reminded me of that old Lifesavers (?) commercial!

Scrap On! Dinner is here and the rain delay is over... I gotta run! LOL!


Michele said...

Great LOs as usual! What can I say? You are a pro! lol And thanks for rubbing the tennis in my face AGAIN! You just can't get enough of it can you?! lol Thanks for all the updates! lol

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Where do you find the time?!!! It's incredible that week after week after week you continue to pull these amazing LO's out from under your stock of supplies!
I'm getting a tan from the light that shines upon you :-)

Scrap On, My Friend, Scrap On!!!

FunkyScrapsPam said...

BEAUTIFUL work! I love your style! You truly have a gift for this hobby/passion/obsession that we call scrapbooking! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us all!!

Tracy said...

LOVE your pages, and your *very* sweet "set up" area! LOL You are fabulous!!!