Thursday, August 07, 2008

Alive and... well, Well!?

Hey there...

I know, I know... I promised it would not be such a long span in between updates - but what can I say... I am (still) on vacation?! LOL?! I honestly haven't done much scrapping to update and so since that it primarily what this blog is about (although my love of words causes me to spill the beans on every other area of my life here too?!)... I just wasn't feelin' the need to update. However, after leaving a wee bit of smack around blogland last night, (and then seeing that CHUCK updated WHILE on vacation?!) I decided maybe it was, in fact, time for an update!

So - we just got back from a long weekend on Whidbey Island! It was perfect... gorgeous weather - (I hate to say it - because everyone over there wants us to always say it is gloomy and wet...) the sun was shining every day and it was actually mildly hot! Not like the desert heat here - but nice take a walk outside or sit on the shore kind of hot! Sweet!!! I even found a tiny bit of sand to dig my toes into! Nice!

My brother-in-law recently bought a boat so we actually spent a bit of time out on that in the Sound... to understand how huge this is - you have to understand the spirit of fear I was raised with and know that while God has delivered me from MANY fears - water is one of the last to go! But, both my sister and I went out on the boat... and we actually had a great time! We took about a 30 minute ride to another little town on the island, docked the boat, walked around town and did some sight seeing and shopping, and had lunch, then took the boat back to Oak Harbor. Of course, my baby has inherited NO fear (just like her Daddy) and so she was ecstatic to ride on the front of the boat! I had to bite my tongue - until we started picking up speed and then I made her come back in the boat! LOL!

We also went to Deception Pass park... sat on the beach and relaxed and took a little trail up to a better viewpoint as well! That was fun! My sister and I walked down to the Marina one night after the boys had already taken the boat out... and we walked all along the docks and back home - that was a LONG walk - but it was great! Here are some random photos from our trip:

I managed to get a custom card order the day before I left so I knocked that one out and mailed it off before vacation, plus the same day - I had those 'friends' (jk!) e-mail me some photo's to scrap for them and I was able to do 2LOs for each of them! That was fun... and I am not so sure that they really thought I would do them?! I will post them here later maybe... afterall - they are not technically MY pages!? I need to hit the scrap store today (they are having a big sale - plus I actually NEED some matching Bazzill for my Lunch box album!) I know - ya'll are starting to think that there IS no lunchbox album... what can I say - some of my friends are losers (Oh - you know who you are!) and STILL haven't gotten anything to me to use in my album... but I do have enough that I can start working on it now! I am hoping to begin work on it this weekend or early next week!

I am leaning towards not doing the conference I was asked to do... I really need to pray about it before I decide one way or another - but unless I feel like God wants me to, I am gonna pass this time. I just don't have much on hand right now and I really need to turn my attention to my Etsy store and to my Cafepress store as well once school is back in session... I am open to doing it if that is what I am supposed to do - but if it's up to me, I chose not so much! LOL! Who wants to be busy with things that are not really 'required' of you!? Not me... not in this season of my life!

So - that is what has been going on here... Chuck is in town for a few days - so I will hopefully get to hang with her a bit... I weighed in this morning and found that after Whidbey I gained 2#s (just like after the Cabin!)... so that was a bit disappointing - but I know it was due to trying that Fish & Chips basket... um, twice?! LOL?! I hadn't had anything fried for 6 months and we were on an island with fresh fish everywhere - so I gave in and ordered it and it was so not worth it! It wasn't fresh and it tasted bland... really sad. But - as we were leaving the island, we saw another fish place and stopped in for lunch and I ordered it AGAIN... this time, it was worth it! YUM! (2#s worth it?! I am not so sure!?) Anyway - we are home again... pretty much staying put now except for that Super Mall trip coming up, and possibly that Waterpark deal... we'll see?! I can't believe that school starts in...19 days! (Yes... I am now counting down!? LOL!)

I am hoping to work on my digi's for a book as well as print out these Whidbey photo's to scrap too... plus I have that infamous Lunchbox Album to work on... so - uh - all of the sudden I feel busy!? (It's nice!!!)

Oh - lastly, here is a "painting" I did of the Oak Harbor Marina at dusk...

Scrap Happy!


chuck said...

Love the pictures (I can't walk out onto that bridge, too scary, lol)!

Thank you for FINALLY updating!!

Lunch box-I gave you your word last night at bunk, remember?! LOL! Seriosly I do have some ideas, I just love to make you wait. :op

Denice said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'd almost swear "Papa" had a hand in the beauty of them!

I don't think your friends would care if you posted the lo's you did for them, I bet they'd be thrilled to have an honored spot on your blog :)