Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Avoiding Craft Warehouse!

It's true... I am still avoiding the Warehouse! I have already decided that I 'need' a few things - of which I plan to pay for with cash - so I can leave the lovely Gift Certificate at home while I wander through the store and ask some questions (like Cricut/Silhouette type things?!). Maybe this weekend I will be able to browse through and get some ideas! I found that many of my beloved SU! marker/pens are drying out - so maybe a set of pens would be smart... any suggestions of MUST HAVE brands?! I am not even sure what CW carries. But I DO need some more cards/envelopes and some spray adhesive, as well as a few more items to alter! I was GOING to go today - but listing on etsy ate up my time - and I am not even done! I had neglected my store for so long - I had a lot of clean up to do first!

I DID print out some photo's so I have stuff to scrap on Thursday night... however over the weekend, I hope to craft some more for the store. I already sold over 1/2 the cards before I was able to list them! This is a GOOD thing - but it means that 1/2 of my Fall listings are gone... so I need to replenish those and list away! My hubby bought us a new hard drive last night... with LOTS of room! Nice! So - in the midst of listing and cleaning up the website, I have been transferring files over to the newer empty space... hopefully once this is done and I get to delete away I am hoping things will be F-A-S-T-E-R!!!

Anyway - here are some of the projects I have completed in the past week... (I didn't want to BORE you with all the cards?! LOL?!):
Blank 12x12 Layout:

Various Cards:

Gift Bags:

My day trip to Leavenworth has been postponed... because, well - it's BEST to go in mid-October to get all the lovely fall colors! Instead, we are going to Ellenbsurg and browsing through the art galleries there, as well as wandering around downtown and grabbing lunch somewhere fun! We may even walk around the campus just for a little exercise mixed in! If I manage to get some cool photo's - I will post 'em here... as well as whatever I accomplish on Thursday and over the weekend!

Oh - to my dear dear S2L friends... this does, in fact, mean that I will be MIA on Friday for our online crop - however, whenever I DO make it home - you KNOW I will log on and distract you!!! I promise!!!

Scrap On!


Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

I just happened to be stalking when I noticed an update....lucky me! Once again you've been busy creating! Love the bags, birds, and all the blessings. Great job as usuall.

I missed you last Friday, and now this week too?!! I think I need a patch for the withdrawl symtoms I'm having! LOL!

Tracy said...

NICE BAGS! :) Seriously, the color combos and patterns are beautiful!!!

Michele said...

I LOVE that first LO, so cute! :-)

I will miss you tomorrow, but maybe I can get something done! lol jk I LOVE talking to you and for whatever reason you seem to be able to do is that??? You are goooooood! lol Guess I will have to hurry and get stuff done in the morning so when you show up in the evening I can be distracted without feeling bad cause I have already accomplished a lot! lol

Christina said...

Wow Karrilee I am blown away by your creations! You rock!PS I am in your scrap group on spark..just in case you were wondering!

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing! Your work is GORGEOUS!! Love the different cards, bags and that layout!!

Tracy said...

You've been tagged!!! Check out my blog to find out more!