Saturday, September 06, 2008

What to buy.... what to buy!!!?!

Hey there... just a quick update...

I stopped in to my local Craft Warehouse today and did a wee bit of shopping...
apparently I missed the 'big announcement' and all the hoopla
but as I was paying for my glue I asked the cashier
if she knew who won the Scrapbook Queen contest.
She said, "Um - yeah... I think it was something like Karri Aggett!?"
Yeah - that's right! I did that whole both-hands-up-in-the-air-to-show-victory
thing involuntarily (honestly!) and said something like, "That's me! That's me!!!"
Yeah - I'm special?!
So... she called someone up to confirm
and the pretty lady just so happened to be on her way
to the safe to lock away my prize...

So - I won Scrapbook Queen for the Yakima store,
but didn't win the overall Grand Prize
- which would have been SaWeet
because it would have been a $500 Gift certificate!
However, $250 is still nice!!!

I had originally thought I would buy a Cricut with my win, however it appears that they do not even CARRY Cricuts?! I could have SWORN I saw the set up there not too long ago - but now?! It's nowhere to be seen?! Of course, I limited myself to the scrapbook section as I dreamed of what I would buy... some big ticket items that I am too cheap to buy with my own money?! LOL?! But - other than the super nice self-sharpening paper cutter for $50... I am just not sure?! I COULD buy the Bind It All - but do I need it?! No ... will I use it?! Maybe... don't I have one I can use at another lss? Yep... so cross that off the list! Of course, Craft Warehouse ROCKS in all area - not just scrapbooking... and Dave has already hinted at maybe purusing the art/home decor area... I thought for a minute of the fun Cubes to build your own workspace that are $30 each... but I am not sure... I will have to think about it!?

And - as if that was not good enough, my friend Lorraine gave me a Queen for the Day gift certificate to Fashion Bug today too... just because?! Wicked Cool!

So - I feel a shopping trip coming up here pretty soon! I don't really want to buy anything practical... LOL! This is, after all 'free money' - and so I really want to PLAY with it! Any suggestions?! Let me know! Thanks again to all of you who voted for me... you girls ROCK!

Scrap Happy!



Michele said...

WOOHOO WTG! We knew you would win and how dare they not pick you for the overall...CHEATS! LOL jk!! SHOPPING TIME for sure!!

BTW, my page is actually two diff kits. Well, everything is one kit and then the butterfly and journal block are another kit! :-) Love combining kits. Thanks!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

I would leave you a comment but I'm speechless that you didn't win the whole kit and caboodle! Still $250 isn't soooooooo bad!

I'm proud to say I know a "Queen"!

darcie said...

NICE! I'm surprised you didn't win the whole thing too?! SO do you get the certificate & you're done or do you occasionally do stuff for the store now? I'll think about what you should get with your prize money too, that'll give me an excuse to go to my CW tomorrow, lol!

Tracy said...

Way to go, Karrilee!!! You SO deserved to win it all!!!

Pam said...

CONGRATS!!! I am so thrilled for you that you won $250!! Like you, though, I wouldn't know where to start... so I'm not much help there- LOL! Great job!! You definitely ROCK!!!

natalie said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! I would like to personally encourage you to try out for the Craft Warehouse Scrapbook Design team '09. Your work is amazing, and I think you would have a real shot at making the team! We start the search in late December through January. We will announce the launch of the search on the CW website and in your local CW store.
Have fun deciding how to spend your winnings!

(craft warehouse scrapbook buyer)

chuck said...

Ok, I've decided you need to just sell you gift card to you mother in law & go by a cricut at wal-mart, lol!! I checked mine for one, but since they have the quick cuts shilouette they quit carrying the cricut. :o(

Good luck!!