Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I've been a Busy, Busy Girl!!!

But - it's all just fun and games! LOL! It's nothing as exciting as a new client or a new project for a client... but, it's been fun nonetheless! (It's just not paying the bills?!)

Aaaah - yes - Back to School has been good for us! Kayelyn is enjoying her classes and has already had more homework this year than nearly ALL of last year?! But since she is still loving it - I am not worried... I think last year was so relaxed and undaunting to her that she is ready for a challenge! The hard part will be if she is unable to adjust to the heavier workload... but so far, so good! And to have a weekly routine back in play has done wonders for the WHOLE family! I have a schedule again and that means that we can count on groceries on Mondays and a clean house on Tuesdays and laundry done AND put away more than every once in awhile... I get my workouts in early in the morning again, and - oh yeah - I have time to READ again!? Sigh... yeah, sure - I miss her a bit in the afternoons... but by then, it's almost time to go get her anyway?! She is back to school, and back to Tennis - which means a tad bit of running around twice a week - but it is worth it!

Speaking of Tennis - THAT is why I don't feel like I have all this 'free time' yet - I am glued to the US Open... wow - have there been some amazing matches so far... and it is on all stinkin' day - so I get nothing done?! LOL?! We even went to watch the finals of a local tournament over the weekend... not as exciting as Nadal or Novak - but still good!

Anyway - so - these are the things I have been working on the past couple of days... (yeah - I said days!):

Finishing up my Lunchbox Album... still missing a few current photo's and one or two peoples' comments (NOT Chucks... she played already and it turns out she likes me... she really likes me!)

I also played a bit with some Fimo clay and pigment powders... so fun!!!

Plus I made this super cool Tim Holtz necklace...

and a few cards... most of which I already mailed and forgot to take any pictures of?! But - this is one...

Oh - and this super cute little gift bag (thanks Tracy for the instructions!!!)

...not to mention a LO for a Spark contest - which I remembered to NOT include here... so no photo's of that one!

I am re-reading The Shack (if I can keep it in my hands long enough to actually read it... I keep ending up giving it away?!) and I am reading "Right People, Right Place, Right Plan" by Jentezen Franklin - it's really good! My sister gave me the entire set of Mitford books by Jan Karon - so that stack is waiting for me, AND I have pulled out the Nights of Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks again to reread before the movie is out later this month! Of course, instead of all this reading, I SHOULD be editing my own works and preparing to have them typeset... but reading other peoples' stuff just sounds WAY more funner!? LOL?!

Anyway - I am off... need to make some more cards and think about Fall and preparing to load up in my etsy store soon(ish?!) I hear a romantic comedy calling my name from my scrap room... must go see which one it is?!

Scrap On!


Scrappinaway said...

WOW, you have been busy...Did you just use stamps in the clay?? Those are beautiful. Love the colors of them!!! I need to try some clay stuff...Looks like fun!!


chuck said...

Hey, that owl looks familiar?! LOL!!

Glad to hear school is going well for her & schedules are getting setttled again. I actually took like a 30 minute nap today & read a bit too!! I was actually thinking I would read "nights" again before the movie too-can't wait for that!

Hey, did you see that Brian Regan is on comedy centeral this Saturday (8:00 if I rememnber right). Gotta get my tivo all set so I can watch it over & over, lol.

Tracy said...

Your post made me tired! LOL CUTE projects (love the bag!!!)! You are so talented! :)

natalie said...

OMG, your projects are SOOO CUTE!!! I love those birds and that necklace is DARLING!

I thought of you as Larry and I sat on Monday watching the US Open!

Michele said...

Okay first I have to say I LOVE the Mitford books! So fun and sometimes unexpected (maybe I am not a very good sherlock when it comes to books! LOL Just a sherlock when it comes to seeing what bad things my husband ate that day while I was at work! lol) Anyway, glad to hear you are able to get your schedule all figured out and you aren't missing your DD too much! :-) Have a great day and I hope to chat with you online tomorrow.