Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunshine, New Projects, & Unspent Prize Money!

Aaah - ok... I GUESS it is time for an update! (...before I leave smack elsewhere... that's right - if you haven't updated lately - expect some smack comin' your way soon enough!)

I still have not yet gone back to Craft Warehouse... I am sort of afraid of what will happen there!? LOL?! What I really wanted was the Cricut... I have heard good things about the Silhouette too - but I don't think my $250 will cover it and I doubt Dave would see the 'logic' in having to spend MORE $$$!? I liked Chuck's idea of just selling the card and buying the Cricut at the Wal-Mart - but I doubt I would get my MIL to BUY it for full price?! I have been waiting for a nice new CW Sunday ad so I can flip through it and dream without the danger of impulse spending right there on the spot?! LOL?! Not that there would be much chance of buyers remorse there really?!
I HAVE been busy making some new items for etsy... just have to list away this week... it's not much but it is something and that is sayin' something because I have not been feeling super inspired to create lately!? (well - you know, for the past few days...) I have sadly neglected both of my etsy/cafepress stores over the summer and that means that I should be REALLY focused and busy listing new things right now so I will have things up and running by the holidays... ugh - the holidays?! I can't even think about it - and I don't want to know about your checklist, Na! Just keep it to yourself! LOL! Anyway - I DID create a handful of things for the store with more plans to craft this week! I will post some pix of a few things I managed to make during our online crop last Friday once I have them listed in my store!

I was honored to win the first ever online LO Contest via our SparkPeople Scrap To Lose team challenge combined with Vi's website (Thanks Vi for hosting! You ROCK!) that we use for chatting and cropping together each week! Scrap Happy meets this week and so I will have at least one night set aside to work! I am finding that I have not scrapped in my own family album since our Boise trip... that's right, Chuck - I said 'since our Boise trip'!? I have played with digi's or mini's but nothing added to the main fam' book!? I may need to print out a few pix from various summer trips to scrap just so they are included in our Family album.

Oh - a few weeks ago - Dave finally DID go up and take his flying lesson! He LOVED it... it was a gorgeous day and much to his surprise - he was responsible for EVERYTHING... he has to check the engine and fuel tanks, read off all the safety checks, start her up and lift off... fly around the Valley and land the baby too! Whew?! Of course - what a thrill... the next lesson is over double the cost... and if he ever wanted to actually get enough hours in to get a license - it would cost us something like $8-10,000 (but - renting the plane to fly somewhere is only $80 per flying hour! Not bad!!!?!) Anyway - here are a few shots from his trip! (Yes - he took pictures, and No, none of them have him in them!?):

We decided that we had lived in this area long enough without actually going up to hike around Mt Rainier! (We've lived here all our lives and the reason we never hiked around there was because we are not really Hikers, per say!?) However, thanks to weighing nearly 50#s less, and being way more active, the challenge didn't seem so daunting! So - we drove up to the hills and enjoyed a gorgeous family friendly hike of about 5 miles... we took this 'Loop' that took us around Naches Peak, brought us up to overlook Dewey Lakes, and then hike through meadows of wildflowers towards the gi-normous Mount Rainier in all her glory! What a PERFECT day! It was gorgeous... not a cloud in the blue sky, about mid-60's up in the fresh mountain air with scents of honeysuckle and other flowers, and my little family surrounding me! The hike was relatively easy - there were a few spots where I knew my heart rate was up there and I could feel my legs getting a great workout - but overall - I never needed to stop or pull off for a rest and I can promise you that this time last year, that would not have been the case at all! Bonus - we got some AMAZING photo's to scrap... see?

So - something is wrong with the universe if Chuck is planning and creating Christmas cards and I have not even thought of a design yet?! Man - am I really THAT far behind! I am working on Fall/Thanksgiving stuff right now - I haven't even THOUGHT of Christmas - for me or for my clients?!

As promised, I will post back whenever I decide to take that glorious shopping trip! My Honey is going on (another) out of town fishing trip this weekend - so I may take a girls Day trip to Leavenworth - which will provide even MORE stunning photo op's! WhatEVER will I do with all these pictures?!

Scrap On, Ladies!


Michele said...

Wow how can you hold on to that gift card this long? Isn't it burning a hole in your pocket??? lol

I am glad to know that you are not that far AHEAD that you actually already have your Christmas cards done or even started! Whew, makes me feel better about something! lol

Have a great day!

chuck said...

OK, save the GC fr the day after Thanksgiving when they have their SUPER sale & get a bunch of good stuff then!

What-you are BEHIND?!?! How did that happen??

Thanks for all my goodies, I keep forgetting to tell you! Chloe loves the owl you stamped in fimo, I have him hanging in my car. :o) I think I will call him Fabio, lol!!! And my huge piece of acrylic ROCKS!!!

As for my cards, I have lost my black staz-on ink pad that I neeeeed to stamp the images in, but they are in the works! I have never, never, never started on them this early. It's probably a bad sign & they'll never actually get mailed. :op

I think Dave should go for it & get his license, then you can just pop on over to visit?! Very cool that he got a lesson & took pictures too!