Friday, September 26, 2008

Tagged & Stuffed...

I was Tagged by Tracy and will use that as a sorry excuse of an update, throw in a few pictures and call it good for now! OK - I know... I am so overdue but I am feeling so stuffed up and foggy right now I can't really care so much!? LOL?!

So - real quick - I DID end up going to Ellensburg last Friday... we had a blast walking through art museums and galleries, sipping on latte's and enjoying a nice lunch... we ended up walking around downtown so much - we didn't make it to the campus. Between that fact, and the fact that Dave took my digital camera with him on the boat - I got no photo's to share?! He did not catch one fish at the Derby and slept in the boat both nights - in the cold and rain... I think my weekend was WAY better than his?! LOL!? I stopped in to CW and bought the items I had in mind - and sort of window shopped... I am leaning more towards some items that are between $20-$50 that I would not normally spend $$$ on... but I am still undecided and at least for now - the Gift Card is not burning a hole in my pocket - so I will just wait! Oh - I went shopping at Maurices too and found two pairs of pants (in a glorious smaller size from the 'regular' section) for a total of $18! Score!

Monday of this week I met up with a friend from elementary school... that was a blast from the past (thanks once again to Facebook!) Tuesday I went to see The Women (not so great) with Robbin for a matinee - the hanging out with Robbin part was WAY better than the lame and yet not so offensive movie. Wednesday I ran some errands and celebrated my sisters' b'day. Thursday I walked with two friends (two different times) and that took my entire day! Today - well, I planned on napping and chatting online - but life happened and I was needed elsewhere. All week long I had plans of crafting... maybe tomorrow?! Of course - I also need to clean my house and pull out all my Fall decor... and I am, as I mentioned above, feeling stuffy and warm!?

Here are my most current LOs:

...and here is my 'Tag':

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7 things about Me!

1. I had a contact melt in my eye during high school science/biology - so I was 'reassigned' to FFA... nice!!?

2. I always only wanted ONE child... and I always wanted a Girl!

3. I had a psychic tell me when I was five that I would be a teacher or teach people, and I would be a writer! (both are true now!)

4. I LOVE Project Runway! (Karrilee misses Suede, ...and Blayne! LOL!?)

5. I look outside my window on my way to bed, every night, to look at the weather/garden/pathway... I know it is rather OCD/Monk like... but I just can't skip it?!

6. I am really shy when I first meet new people! (Really... I am?!)

7. The first photo's I ever scrapped were my favorite Wedding Photo's... so I pretty much HAD to get into this hobby in order to finish my wedding album?!

Who did I tag?
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and lastly, Tracy - because, well - #1 Fair is fair, and #2 who else did you leave me to name?! (

Spark On! I am off to rest!


Michele said...

too funny! Love your LOs as always! You are the best!

And I will do my tag LATER!!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Very interesting...OCD, melted contacts, and shyness all rolled into one person who can digi and hands-on scrap some great LO's! Sounds like British humor to wait, that would be French(ie) humor....LOL!

I love your Rainier LO and the embellishments, very pretty!

Pam said...

LOVE your layouts!! And thanks for the blog-smack! I can take it, really!!! LOL! I finally updated my blog... it's been entirely too long and way too much has been going on to keep up with it all- but I push on through... Your talent simply amazes me- you have truly been blessed by Papa! Thanks for sharing!!

darcie said...

Hey you, I finally posted my tag! Hope you are feeling better. :o)

that smart alec chuck said...

Hello, are you going to update anytime soon??

chuck again said...

did you finally go to craft warehouse & get lost?