Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Creating just for fun...

Wow... Who knew that #1 - you (my viewing public and stalking fans) were so amazingly supportive and awesome!? (Well - I knew of course!) and #2 - that I could unwind and have fun creating just for the sake of creating! No customer order to fulfill; no items to list or promote; no sale in the back of my mind... just creating and playing with fun Christmas papers from My Mind's Eye, and soem glitter embellishment powder, stamps and paints... nice!

So - with that said... here are a few of the things I actually had fun creating today...
Some personal Christmas Cards:

and I will give you a sneak peak at the Flip Book:
It will be WAY cuter when I put my photo's in it... but this will give you something to see until I get to that project! I promise this Flip Book is WAY easier than it looks... having the pictures in will make it easier to 'understand' too!
Oh - and here are some of the photo's that I hope to include in the book - just some gorgeous shots of my favorite Season - Fall!!! (In case somehow someone here didn't know that?!)

So - here is a shot of my sis' and I... We had a GREAT time in Walla Walla hanging with them! It was nice and relaxing and much needed for all included! Tomorrow I am off again on a day trip to hang out with a couple of friends... again - MUCH needed! I am hoping to create a few more of those Flip Books soon as well as working on more Christmas cards... but I feel no rush and the fact that I had FUN playing today with all my supplies is a huge encouragement to me! I also finished Book 1 in the Mitford Series and immediately started Book 2!? I am not sure if I will stick with it though - because Nicholas Sparks is still waiting for me too... not too mention a few others?! I mean - of COURSE I will stick with it- but I don't know if I can read just that one and make all the others wait?!

Thanks again for the support and reminders... Luckily, I rarely deal with stress and I think I needed to post and get it out there so I could read it and give myself a break! My daughter and one of her best friends are dressing up tomorrow as 80s Chicks... (they have their first Junior High Dance - a Halloween dance no less?!) So - we are breaking the rules and letting Kennedy spend the night tonight (a school night!?) so they can get ready together in the morning... I can't WAIT to take photo's!!! LOL! I'm sure I will share!

Scrap On!


Tracy said...

Amazing, as always!!! Writing is really good therapy, isn't it? (well, writing, reading, creating, etc.! LOL)

chuck said...

Cute cards, can't wait to see which one I get, lol!! Stil working on mine, maybe I'll get some done tonight.

Michele said...

I love the cards, especially the snowman one (can I have that one???? lol I mean when you send those Christmas cards out, can that one be mine??? lol JK, not even sure if I have made it to Christmas list status yet! lol) Anyway, glad you got Mitford #1 done. I am still not done with Shack, but read a bit of it today while standing in line to vote for 1 1/2 hours (sure glad it wasn't the 4 1/2 hours that is was in GA!!! YIKES! NO WAY FOR ME!! lol) Also, can't wait to see your flip book done even if it still looks intimidating!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures of "fall," you're flip book is going to be outstanding with those pics in it! You can email me more detailed pics if you want, 'cuz you know I'll look and love 'em!

Good to hear you had a nice day playing with all your supplies and the bonus is that you were productive and got some cards done too!

Why don't we make Michele a wee bit jealous and have you send ME that snowman card instead! LOL!

Love it all :)

Pam said...

You are truly amazing! I'm so glad you got time to play and have fun with all your supplies and papers! Your creativity shines through- as usual!! You are so talented! Can't wait to see your finished flip book, too! It already looks awesome- I can only imagine what it will look like with the added pictures!

Christina said...

Your cards are super. I like funky retro colors too for Christmas!