Thursday, October 02, 2008


I know, I know... how many times can I say this? But, it is just true! I LOVE Fall... I love the colors, the scents, the crisp air, pumpkin spice lattes, homemade soups, ...I could go on and on and on!

So - even though I was exhausted and feeling yucky - I pressed through last weekend and pulled out all my fall Decor... LOVE it! It just makes me happy! Here are a few little touches:

On Sunday, I (inadvertently) sent my 13 year old to the Fair... with no adults?! Sure - it ended up fine... and she had a blast... but that was not my intent and it threw me off center for at least a few hours. She had been making plans with friends and I knew I should have been more involved - but they seemed to have it all worked out... the plan was to go after church with a group from GC (youth group) and one of the girls parents. I was fine with this... not a problem. The problem came when our daughter called us from the house and said that the parents were not going to go - but simply drop them off instead. Hmmm?! Now - this I have a problem with?! I tell her I will call her back and talk it over with Dave - who always thinks that nothing bad will ever happen so it was not a very productive conversation... (insert deep cleansing breath here!) He called and talked with a grown up and found out that they did not feel that their presence was necessary and so they were not going to go and chaperon. OK - this puts me in an awkward position... I WANT to say no - they need a chaperon. (Maybe this is just me?! Maybe at 13 - it is considered normal to be dropped off places and picked up with hours and hours in between!? Maybe I AM an overprotective parent of an only child!?) However, IF I say no, my kid now will miss the fair entirely because all of her friends are going on Sunday - together... without her?! Apparently we are the only parents who cared about this? So - after discussing it - we decided to let her go. Ultimately it wasn't so much not trusting her (or God with her) that upset me, it was how it was presented. Anyway - she had a blast and the group ended up running into one of the Children's Pastors from our church - who ended up staying with them the entire time playing Chaperon. I wonder if he thought that they needed one too, but I don't know?! At any rate - it was fine... but it threw me off and pushed me out of my comfort zone, that is for sure! My daughter, because she KNEW this and she loves me, called me a few times from the Fair to check in! Nice girl!!! (SMART Girl! LOL!)

Monday she had no school and I had a meeting at the house with a group of friends in the morning... we are starting a book 'club/study' and were picking our book. We ordered a book by Bill Johnson called The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. I am SUPER excited!!!

Tuesday I was busy, busy, busy!!! I haven't taken any pix yet of my creations - but I will soon! A few frames, and mini-calendars, and a mini clipboard/frame or two! I haven't listed them in my Etsy store yet - but hope to tomorrow!

Wednesday I did a bit of reading, got in two workouts, and prepared for hosting the in-laws/family for dinner. Oh - I also bought a new scale. My old scale was never really 'mine' - it was Lorraine's and I would have to go down to her room and borrow it every week. This was fine when he (the scale) was sweet talking me on a consistent basis, but when he started not being able to make up his mind and giving me three and four different numbers - well - it was not so 'fine'! I replaced his battery - and yet, this did not help. So - I went out and bought a new scale... not a super expensive one. Not one with all the bells and whistles available now?! (Apparently they now can determine your weight, bmi (body fat), bone density, blood pressure, heart rate, the sex of your baby, and your lucky Lotto numbers?!) Mine just measures your weight. Well - he is SUPPOSED to... but he, too, is having a hard time DECIDING?! Given - he is only off a total of a pound or less, but still... he is brand new and should be more consistent?! I was having a hard day as all of his 'choices' showed a pound gain and my measurements didn't change at ALL over the past month. I have seemingly hit a plateau!? So - my in-laws get here and I am getting things ready in the kitchen first... I finally go out to meet them and my mil and one sil both go on and on about how there is so much less of me?! OK - that was MUCH needed yesterday!? LOL!? So - the new Scale remains yet unnamed... he is gonna have to sweet talk me a bit before I give him a pet name! (I HAVE, however, thought of quite a few OTHER names for him so far?!) Here is a comparison shot I did for my Spark Page... the 'before' pictures were taken in November of last year, and the 'now' ones were taken - well - now?! (in September!)

Today was spent walking with my sister, and visiting over coffee for hours and hours with my dear friend Lori! (This is my Every Thursday routine!)

Tomorrow?! Well - it is Friday and that means another Online Crop... I plan on stopping in there a bit as well as working on a few more projects and listing in my Etsy store.

Saturday I am doing a 4mile walk to support a local community service that my Dad is on the Board for... it is in memoriam to a long term friend of the family who was hit and killed last year. Dave is playing jazz on Saturday night and Sunday - well, is Sunday!

I will post photo's of my projects soon!
Until then,
Scrap Happy!


Michele said...

Cute decorations! I got my boxes out, but the decorations are still in them! lol Time with DS was minimal because we had school and an appt. Maybe on Saturday (since tomorrow is the crop and I can't possibly miss that to put up decorations! lol). Talk to you tomorrow!

corinna said...

You look Marvolous!

rock on!

natalie said...

Really? You like fall? I don't think I could have ever guessed that!!! LOL.

You look amazing Karri!!! Good job!!!

OMG...I can so relate to the story with your daughter! On Tuesday Josh came home with his best friend Parker (we've known him and his mom for years now and he is really a good/sweet boy) and said that Parker was inviting him to the BSU game on Wed. night. They were going with his dad (parents are divorced) and could Josh have a sleepover too (no school the next day)...

I didn't see a problem with it at all...going to the BSU game with Parker and his dad (and stepmom) and then a sleepover. No biggie.

It wasn't until that night as I climbed into bed that I realized I hadn't talked to any parent whatsoever and worse, I had no idea what the father's name was let alone what his phone number was!!! I am very (over)protective at times too and my mind always goes to the worse and my husband was the voice of reason (granted he was tired and wanted to go to sleep...).

In the end, it was all fine but I, too, was a little out of my comfort and rocked a bit. I'm so not ready for this teen stuff!!!

Pam said...

LOVE the decorations!! Wanna come decorate my house...? JK- not doing much with the move coming up in a few months... :) Anyway- keep up the great work! You ROCK!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

How right you are to be a concerned parent! Remember what I told you about my dd last summer and being grounded?!! Just plain bad choices by her and her friends. And then, When I wasn't able to help her, Papa brought the subject to light so that we were made aware of the could have gone on much longer than it did!
We can't have control over everything that they do, but they do need to know we are there for them...and it sure sounds like your dd knows your there for her! HUGS to you!!!!

Ooooooh La La, you look so diff-er-ant, and that hair?!! Is that really you?! LOL!

Christina said...

The layout is awesome. I think it stinks the parents said ok we will take them then backed out. But you showed trust in your daughter and inreturn she knew to have enugh sense to call you! Great jo on both your parts!