Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Etsy Listings & Awaiting my next job!

I know I SAID that I had plans of listing these new items in my etsy store LAST week... but I am just now getting to listing them this morning?! Aaah - the busyness of Fall... (not to mention diving into Mitford!) Mitford is a fictional town and my sister insisted that I read the entire series - so she handed me the STACK of books and pleaded with me to read them - so we could talk all things Mitford. She is somehow convinced this series will help me actually WRITE something?! We shall see?! This series is written by Jan Karon. I have seen her name everywhere but never read anything by her. Apparently this was her first book/series and Karinna is just WAITING for me to hurry up and read them... so I started yesterday. Yeah - between this stack, and the new Nicholas Sparks book that is on it's way to me... not to mention the OTHER stack of books I am working my way through - AND the new book I am doing a study on - well - who has time to list on Etsy!? LOL!?
Still - I am MAKING time today and tomorrow to at least what I have on hand right now... I have a few plans for projects to list but they are still in the making - so I will wait. I have sold once again a few things before I even had time to list. (...not that I am complaining, of course?!) I DO need to decide on a Christmas card LO and get busy on that as well... may need to host a SU! party or something to get my juices flowing, or at least put on some Christmas music?! I just can't make myself get into that mode quite yet for some reason?!

So - here is what I am listing today on Etsy:

My weekend was full... Friday night I took my kid to her first ever 'mixed' movie night... the group was the same that went to the fair together and it turned out fine - even though I had to find the boys place in the dark, while it was pouring rain, with directions taken (and given by) 13 year olds... what was I thinkin'!? We DID eventually find it... and then Dave and I got to go out for Gyro's for dinner! YUM!!! We watched "Without a Paddle" because... well, because I remembered that someone told Dave we would like it and we should watch it and I saw it at the library so it was free. Then, after I got it home, I remembered it was Walter from work who suggested the movie - so then I was scared?! THEN, we pressed play and found that it is an MTV movie (oh crap!?) but in actuality - it turned out to be a really good movie! Great message overall - and only one or two scenes that were - uh - what you would expect from MTV?! LOL!?

Saturday I did that 4mile walk that was really 4.7 miles in the end... and we walked most of it in the pouring rain! But it was fun and great exercise and, of course, for a good cause! I was able to hang out with the fam' a bit in the afternoon and then Kaye and I went to Borders to meet up with an old elementary school friend! We reconnected via Facebook and had been talking over the computer for a few weeks... this is the fourth friend I have met up with in person and even though years (and years - shut up!) have passed - everyone is still wearing the same face! Their eyes and teeth are still the same and it is so surreal to talk with them about grown up stuff while when I look at them I remember playing Horses at recess or sliding down stairs on blankets after school... (or - with some - getting sick after the party?! LOL?! Rest assured - THAT friend I met in Junior High?! LOL?!) Anyway - that was great and we had a good visit... we are trying to get a larger group together for coffee soon!

Sunday was church and lunch and relaxing... a bit of picking up the house and laundry, of course?! Oh - but in the mix, as I was trying to find something - ANYTHING? - that would fit for church, on a whim - I pulled out a ONE piece of clothing that I have held on to since pre-Kayelyn years... (other than my wedding dress, that is!) It's not anything special really... nothing fancy or expensive or anything at all! They were Dave's favorite pair of shorts that I ever owned. He loved them... thought that they were so cool... (maybe that should have been a clue to NOT hold on to them!?) still - they remained at the bottom of my storage bin for years and years! I pulled them out about two months ago just out of curiousity and tried them on... they barely got above my knees. I decided that even if I lost more weight - my body had changed - my hips were wider - and the likelyhood of these EVER making it up to my waist was pretty much zero! Yet - back in the bin they went! (Habit, I suppose?!) I normally pull out all my Fall/Winter clothes around now and put away my Spring/Summer clothes. Well - I got rid of all my Fall/Winter clothes because they were way too big... and my Spring/Summer clothes are really all I have right now - and even those are mostly second hand because I am so not into spending money on clothes that I do not plan on wearing for too long... so - my bin is relatively empty and while I was searching for something WARMER to wear - the shorts caught my eye... Well - you can see why:

(Insert Hallelujah Chorus here)... yep- I pulled them on, up and over the hips and booty - and zipped and snapped them! They fit... not that I would wear them, well - ever?! (to which my 13 year old daughter let out a HUGE sigh of relief, and my hubby - who, remember - LOVED them, insists that I should wear them because they are STILL that cool!?) Yeah - not so much?! Still - the thrill of putting them on and having them be BAGGY in areas (everywhere except the waist) was a HUGE encouragement! Where are they now, you ask? Yep - you guessed it - back in the bin!? LOL!? I am thinking it may be good to try them on in the Spring - hopefully they will be way too big by then?! (I know, I know... we're ALL hoping so! ..except maybe Dave?!)

So - this week as I said I am hoping to list all my Etsy stuff - as well as possibly make a few more things! I rec'v a deposit for my next Job - a Wedding Album! (always my favorites!) We are waiting for her photographer to get her all her photo's! I am so excited!!! On my calendar, I have penciled in time to work on my book... however, I am not sure that just WRITING it down will make me do it?! We shall see?! Mitford is waiting for me too...!?

Scrap On!


Michele said...

I love the Mitford series! Great books! Sorry to keep you from your work with all the downloads too! hehehe Just know I am right there with ya! lol :-) Have a great day!

Pam said...

Great work on the Etsy items! LOVE your work!! And those shorts?!?! WOW!! I got a good chuckle out of that, though, as I think we all have at least ONE item that is similar to yours! I understand the busyness, too! IT seems everything picks up in Fall... I'm there, too! TTYL!!

darcie said...

LOL, I remember those shorts-and yeah, Dave would still like them! :op

I've heard about that book series, haven't ventured in yet though. I just saw there is a new Nicholas Sparks book out, gotta get it on my hold list at the library. Today I'm starting "Sinner" by Ted Dekker-love his scary books! :o0

Nice work on the etsy stuff, hope it sells quickly for you! Have I mentioned that I already started my Christmas cards? LOL! Have to say it now while I can, it will probably never happen again. :op

Christina said...

LOL OMG I think I had the same pair of shorts! I am awaiting my Nicholas Sparks book too with anxious hands. I don't know about you but my hubby hates when I read them , he always gets the now why can't you love me like that smack!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Nice Etsy projects! What does Etsy stand for? I've looked all over the web and can't seem to find a definition....silly me, I just want to know! LOL!

Love your shorts story, a defining moment!

darcie said...

Yeah, just leaving some loving smack, lol......where are you?!?!

chuck said...

what-did your computer die?!?!

pinkpatrice said...

Letting you know you've been tagged! Check it out at www.pinkpatriceboutique.blogspot.com