Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally - an Etsy sale, (Christmas Cards, and a Flip Book still unfinished)...

I have no good excuse - other than it is quite possible that I am now somehow functioning in and out of time?! It seems impossible - but Chuck informed me today that it has been a WEEK since I last posted - promising more to come in a day or two!? Oops!? I seem to be really flaky lately and I really loathe that trait - so I will work on it?! I feel like time has sped up - more than I am lazy!? LOL! At least that sounds better?! I don't FEEL overworked or too busy - but I am not really getting to all the things I am putting on my plate! (Which explains why this blog - and thus, you all - are being neglected?! It's not that I don't love you...honestly it's not! It's just that I have put all this pressure on myself to post WITH photo's of my latest project or at the very least, something witty and charming to say... and well... I am frankly just tired lately!?

I have two days a week that are now scheduled full all the time... it is good stuff and I know it is something I am supposed to be doing so I have the strength and stamina for it each week - but it's the days in between that seem to be getting lost?! I am thinking maybe if I allowed myself to SLEEP extra a day or two - I may catch up and feel rested?! I must quiet my mind... silence that ongoing audio clip of all the things I have to do... (This is not a normal cycle for me and I can see now firsthand how exhausting it is?!) I don't like it and I can't keep it playing... it seems as if somehow I am spread too thin. However, when I look on paper what I am committed to each week - it doesn't look like it should feel overwhelming?! But- I know enough to know - if the grace isn't there to do it - it's not worth the effort to keep it going! So - this week I have scheduled play time... maybe that will help!? And - as shocking as it may be... most of that play time does not involve crafts?! I do have tomorrow mostly open - and my PLAN as of tonight is to not even sit down here on the computer but to get a workout in and print some photo's and work on those (still unfinished) Christmas cards and assemble the super cute flip book! Maybe I will rent a movie and craft away for the sheer joy of it! I think I will be taking a break from my etsy store and trying to drum up more scrapbook business right now. Things have actually been pretty slow and while I usually have peace about that - I have found myself really trying to drum up new customers and find new clients and list new items and I have no peace about it! Especially since I also know in the back of my mind (thanks to that annoying ongoing audio) that I SHOULD be writing... so - this week, freedom from that pressure to drum up business... maybe some crafting just for fun, and a bit of playtime with friends... and next week? Writing!?!! SOMETHING at least... anything, at this point?!

So - consider this post a tease... and I will do my BEST to have something witty and charming (with photo's and everything) to post tomorrow evening!!!

Scrap On!


Tracy said...

You are *always* witty and charming! I love your posts!

Don't put so much pressure on yourself. What gets done gets done, and remember... you can do anything for 15 minutes at a time!!! :)

Pam said...

Yes, you are witty and charming, and we know that you are not neglecting us! Life gets busy, and things go undone... don't pressure yourself about it. Just hand it all over to Papa and let Him show you what you should focus on- after all, Papa is especially fond of you!!!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

Witty, charming, and loved!

No pressure my dear, get yourself collected and rested...then start from there! Papa is especially fond of you!