Monday, October 20, 2008

OK Chuck... I am alive...

I know - I know... I owe an apology for apparently making you all think I dropped off the face of the earth?! I didn't think I had neglected you for THAT long - but Chuck actually CALLED me ON THE PHONE today!?

Now - for those of you who know me - you know that I am not a big fan of the phone! I am way more connected to friends who either live in another State and talk online with me all the time, or friends who I see in person every week... sadly - if you fall in between there somewhere - well, it's not that I don't THINK of you - it's just that I really, really, really hate the phone?! LOL?! I would MUCH rather chat in person - but the next best thing is chatting online... for some reason the phone doesn't ever really tempt me?! Anyway - Thanks Chuck for checking in and making sure I am still drawing breath - and making sure that my computer is in fact NOT broken or crashed?!

I can't even really tell you that I have been super busy - or super productive... because I haven't?! I have worked on some Christmas cards - but have nothing assembled yet - that comes this week! I made an adorable little fold out mini for Fall photo's - but I have to actually go out and TAKE some of those before I can finish the mini... I will post pix when it is complete though - because it rocks!!! (if I DO say so! ...thanks Tracy for the instructions! I LOVE these and will be making more SOON I know!) I also made a few Thanksgiving/Count your Blessings Coaster chipboard mini albums for etsy. I read a book or two... still haven't gotten too in depth into Mitford... I am still on chapter 2 or 3... it's a slow read and I have other favorite authors who pull me right in from the start - so they win and I have been reading them instead. I am however going to visit my sister this weekend - so I NEED to finish at least Book One?! LOL!?

I did venture in to Craft Warehouse and spent about $100 of my Gift Card... I bought Christmas papers and fun stuff for my cards and Christmas crafts, as well as a new Paper Cutter which I LOVE and a few other odds and ends! I did exactly what I didn't want to do - just bought supplies that will not really last long and so I will have nothing to show for it?! But - they were things I needed so it is all good!

Here are the little Chipboard Mini's I worked on:

The new Christmas papers I am playing with are the new My Minds Eye line - (I think it's called Be Merry) - it's TOO cute... I'll post a few photo's soon!

Another thing that has kept me busy the past few weeks is I ended up taking over the local Yakima SparkPeople Team. I contacted the leader to check in and offer a bit of help... I joined and a few of us had met in person already and were wanting the Team to be a bit more active - anyway - in the end, I thought I would offering to assist, but she handed the team over to me! So - tomorrow we are having a Team Lunch and Wednesday I am meeting one of the members for coffee... it's not a heavy addition but it does require a bit of time and attention!
Last Friday I celebrated my Sweet 16... OK - it was my 16th Wedding Anniversary - but that still counts?! LOL?! We didn't do much... Kaye spent the night at a friends and we went out to New Thai - one of my FAVs! We watched a movie and just relaxed together... Saturday I was home all day waiting for my NEW MATTRESS to arrive! Yes - God bought me a new mattress - and we were SO overdue for a good one - we are sleeping MUCH better now! So - Saturday night, we went out with some of my old elementary and high school friends - that was weird! It was fun... we had a really good time - but it was strange?! LOL!?
Anyway - I am holding the new Nicholas Sparks book... so Mitford is gonna be lonely tonight (again?!) LOL!?

I will post more tomorrow (or maybe the next day!?) tee hee!? Darcie wants some mindless random facts or trivia of some kind - and I was just tagged (again?!) by so I should give ya a little random somethin' somethin'! (No worries though - I will not be tagging anyone this time around!)
And just for fun... these are a few shots taken along the Yakima River... nice!!!

Scrap Happy!


chuck said...

Jeesh, took ya long enough, lol!?! And, I'm really glad to hear your computer did not die, you are apparently just out doing stuff! Phone good....

Love the little blessing books-cute! Sounds like you found some fun stuff to play with at CW, better than paying for it with the gift card than your cash at least!

I am still waiting for the new Nicholas Sparks from the library, waiting for The Shack, new Karen Kingsbury & a few others too-come on people-read FASTER!!!! Did you ever read any of the Twilight books, I haven't read them at al, but heard today there is a movie coming out in November. Where have I been?!

Happy anniversary too!!!

Michele said...

Can't wait to see your flip book! And I am WAITING for you to read the Mitford books. I promise once you get past the first few chapters they are a pretty good/fast read! Of course I am still working on the Shack, but I have not created a lot of reading time, so I shouldn't be talking! lol Maybe we should have a race (I am sure you will win! lol). Let me know!

Christina said...

OHHH have you gotten your book yet? Got it read it in a day loved it!

chuck said...

Sure you're going to post more soon, LOL!!!

na said...

Is the Nicholas Sparks book: The Lucky Ones? That is our book club book for November! Amazingly I have never read Sparks before!!! I know!

Denice aka: Dedelicious said...

You've been oh, sooooooooooo busy! Weekend retreats, mini chipboards, and heading up the local SP team.....wowza, you need to slow down, I'm tired just from reading your blog! I better go get a latte so I can keep up with you! LOL!

Love the mini chipboards, but then again I pretty much love everything that you make! Can't wait to see the flip it as easy as Tracy says it is, or would I really need some additional directions?!!

getting impatient said...

Ok, seriously's been a week again!?