Monday, November 05, 2012

Every Ten Minutes...

Most of the posts here at this blog of mine are based around
Scrapbooking, Art, and/or Photography
but today, I want to share another 'creative outlet' of sorts!

Several months ago I bought this little gem:

I had been reading up on this 10 Minute Worship Revolution movement,
& reading testimonies, & then some friends in my circle bought some...
I loved the idea of it! A little 'timer' of sorts, that would vibrate a silent reminder
to stop, turn our attention to God, & give Him praise!

I used it solely as a Worship Timer for a couple of months!
Nearly every day... every ten minutes,
I would stop what I was doing for just a few seconds,
& give thanks... give praise... worship Him for who He is...
whatever my mind was focused on before - good or bad - 
He was always a welcomed 'interruption'!

Then I thought to use it as - well, what it is designed for - 
an Interval timer during a workout!
I LOVED it... & used it like that for a few times,
then it got turned off & put up on a shelf.

It's been months since I have worn it!
This whole Sandy storm has grabbed my attention
& brought me back to center,
praying off & on all day...
which reminded me of my
Worship Timer!

So today, I turned it on,
clipped it on & spent a few seconds every ten minutes
in prayer for the East Coast!
It is so huge... so much sadness & loss...
But already, after just one day, I feel full of hope,
& I trust that God is - in fact - at work,
whether I can see Him or not!

What about you?
Is there something you could focus on
& pray about - every ten minutes -
that would bring clarity & hope
back into your life?
Something that is looming larger than life,
that could use a little perspective adjustment?
I encourage you to just give it a try!
You don't NEED a fancy super cute pink timer,
just a resolve to choose to shift what you are focusing on...
on a consistent basis through out the day!
I believe that there is, in fact, 'an app for that' too!


P.S. You can learn more about this by clicking HERE...
& watch an interview with Carol Arnott about it HERE!

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