Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Regret of Leaving the Camera Behind

You would think it not possible...  seriously - HOW could it have happened?

After months and months of falling in love with my camera again, my Honey and I decided to take a spontaneous trip out of town to see my sister.  She - it just so happens to be - lives in one of the most photographable quaint small towns in America - and I forgot (Gasp... FORGOT?) my camera!?  Sure - it is just an overnight trip... and they personally do not like their pictures taken - but it's Fall and foggy and bright with Autumn glory all around... PLUS we actually got LOST on the way there - which NEVER happens... ever! We have made the trip hundreds and hundreds of times... but we missed our turn off so instead of cutting through a few cities we traveled a road along the other side of the river... along the edge with greeny cliffs and rocky bluffs and windy turns galore.... misty, dreamy...ahhh - and no camera!?

Then we are in the little city of trees, and the downtown and the ancient churches and the impressive homes and the ivy league college wrapped in Fall... and no camera!?

Sometimes coming out from behind the lens is necessary... to make memories where you are completely present and in-the-moment, fully- engaged - but I will remember, next time, the camera, and how to get lost again and map out some wandering photo shoot time... Not that I won't be back for another year... and not that I won't remember to bring my camera next time - but I will pencil in a date in the Fall for sure!

What are some of your favorite areas or activities that you wished you would have had your camera with you?  I'd love to hear from you!


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