Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinterest Snacks & Shopping with a Purpose!

So - this past weekend, my daughter & I hosted
an Open House to help raise funds & awareness for
Women At Risk, International (WAR Int'l).
We first heard of this organization a couple of months ago
& it so stirred our hearts that we knew we wanted to do SOMETHING! 

The thing is - human trafficking is so HUGE... 
it is such an overwhelming problem, that we can feel like
there is nothing we can do to make a difference,
but WAR makes it easy!  Women At Risk, Int'l has Safe Houses
all over the world and they help to rescue & retrain women & children
to learn a skill that will enable them to be self sufficient
& make an income that is not covered in shame.
They are hands on... they are front lines... & they are making a difference!
Some of the ways they retrain these women
- who were either rescued from a lifestyle of sex trafficking,
or were at risk in getting caught up in that lifestyle -
is to teach them how to sew,
how to make jewelry, cards,
bookmarks, toys... 

So - WAR offers an at home party option to help sell
the products made by these women,
& the money goes to help support them,
& rescue & retrain others.
HINT - this is NOT just a 3rd world problem.
Every month, 300 children are sold in Atlanta...
100,000 - 300,000 women & children
go missing in America every year.
Human Trafficking is now the fastest growing
Organized Crime in the United States.
But you CAN make a difference!
You can shop with a purpose
- or you can get more involved...
but every penny helps!
Plus - whenever you wear your jewelry or scarf,
you will be remembering this cause
& can help share the story behind it to bring awareness!

We wanted the focus to be on the jewelry & gorgeous scarves, etc. - not food...
but we wanted some finger food type snacks... enter Pinterest!
I had to stop myself & only picked a couple of things to make -
& added filler store bought snacks as well.
We made Sweet Acorns & Pretzel Hugs!
Both were super (I mean SUPER!) easy & super delicious, too!

Here are the Pretzel Hugs...
I couldn't find the Square waffle pretzels...
these twists worked fine!

I can't even tell you... the salty crunchiness of the pretzels
& the sweetness of the Hugs... oh MY!

Next up - these adorable Sweet Acorns!
Super easy... & anything you 'have' to dip into Nutella
is a WINNING recipe if you ask me!
I haven't bought donuts or anything like that for years now,
so maybe this is the normal size now - but these donut holes seemed BIG?
I think I would prefer to find smaller ones if (when) I make them again!

You simply dip the donut hole into Nutella...
then into Choc Sprinkles (or anything else... toffee bits, nuts, ?),
& break a piece of a pretzel stick and insert for the 'stem'!
SO yummy!

But - more importantly - the Open House was a great success! 

The Jewelry & Scarves are GORGEOUS
& we had a house full on Friday night...
Saturday was a little slower
but still had some shoppers stop in!
Overall we raised nearly $1200.00
to help support women rescued...
all of the money goes directly to
the women who made the products
& also to help rescue & retrain
more women & children!
Such a great cause!
If you want to shop... 
you can shop their online store directly, 
or check out the website to find out
how to host your own Jewelry Party!
Here is the link to their site:


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