Thursday, August 03, 2006

...And these make me Caught Up... thanks to Boise!

...And these are 4 of the 6 Layouts I did in Boise last weekend... (check out those GREAT Fabric Brads!!?!??! PERFECT!!!) ...and yes... I am now once again "Caught Up!" Well - not officially I suppose - I still need to print out some Journaling in Vellum because apparently there is a No Journaling rule for Crop Night?! LOL! So - I still have to do THAT... and THEN I am Current again!

Of course... I have another Project I am just beginning to work on now... not my own... it is one that will be sort of like a Circle Album as far as needing other people to fill out info and send in pictures... (Yikes?!) I admit that I am a tad bit obsessive and maybe just a little controlling... so depending on others will be a stretch - but if everyone 'plays along' - then I will be a great project!!!?

Anyway - that is all from here... I must go to work on my CafePress store... have nelgected it for way too long!? LOL!

Scrap On!


Darcie said...

yeah, yeah she's all caught up AGAIN, LOl! I have mentioned I hate you? Just kiddin' of course, the layouts are adorable, but the brads really make the page! ;op
love ya!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

I know they do... that is why I took them?! LOL?!

Well - this other 'project' will require some time and patience... which - you know - I am not so good with... I'll e-mail you your part! LOL! Have fun this weekend!


Corinna said...

I am still so impressed that you are caught up! WOW
I so enjoyed hangin out with you.
Hugs to you!