Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First Day of School Part 2...

First Day of School... Part Two...
(Isn't she just so cute?!) OK... well - I cheated... the middle picture here is from the First Day... and the other one is from this morning... um - I tried to take a pix of my daughter walking into school - but out of nowhere some kid came in and blocked my shot?! I don't know WHO that kid is or WHERE he came from - but in the picture, my kid is BEHIND him - walking into school this morning!? Anyway... she was pretty stylin' today - a casual hip look... camo cargo pants, black T with a bronze slouchy belt and a short shrug over that... flip flops... confidence in her step, and a little taller walk!
Her first day was GREAT! She didn't get lost at all (the biggest worry!) and she wasn't late for any classes either! She loves her teachers and is really happy with her schedule! She forgot that she had a cold lunch - so she bought hot lunch - although there was no money in her account yet.... luckily they were kind and let her go through the line anyway?! So - one check was written out last night for lunch money... another check was written out for her P.E. Top... I know we'll have School pictures and ASB cards to pay for soon as well... I think I will buy her a second pair of tennis shoes to keep in her PE locker so she won't have to worry about always bringing her shoes... plus I think it would just be better!? Although - you have never gone shoe shopping with my kid?! It's not as easy as you would think?! She also STILL needs to have some gym shorts?! What normal 11 year old girl has no gym shorts?! She is a Tennis Player - so she has skooters or tennis skirts - but no actual shorts... and no one - I mean NO ONE - has any in stock or on clearance in this town?! I will have to go to a few second hand stores and hope to find at least one pair?! Yeesh?! Anyway - I know we have gotten off pretty cheap so far... but I feel the 'money suck' just hasn't officially begun yet?! LOL!?
So - her day at school - pretty much ALL FUN... no work.. no homework... so - of course - it was a great day!? Then, I picked her up and took her out to DQ for an Oreo Blizzard and to chat about her day... she actually had a lot of words to share... I get her right away after school - before any friends have called or anything - so I get all her stored up stories and thoughts... and by the time my dh gets home - well - she is done with all of that! I feel a tiny bit bad for him - but I am so blessed to be able to be the one she talks to first! I do fill him in - but it's just better coming from her! I also rented the movie she wanted... so after we talked a bit - we sat down to watch "Just My Luck"... ok - so much for the Good Mom award... I didn't even think to look... and we found out that it is rated PG 13?! I should have known better... but I figured she had seen it advertised on Disney and it was a Freaky Friday type of movie, and it had Lindsay Lohan in it... (Oh - I know... I know!??!?!?)... anyway - I held the remote and we watched it anyway... a few bad words and a couple of kissing scenes... nothing horrid - and yet - we do not let her watch PG 13 yet... at least it added to her whole feeling grown up theme for the day?!
So - theoretically - she should have been exhausted because I made her get up on Monday - and then Tuesday was the first day - so she didn't sleep well Monday night... and was up early Tuesday and in school all day as well... so she was actually reading, in bed, by 8:30... bedtime is now set at 9pm. Well - she was asleep a little past 9pm - however she was still sleepy this morning and hadn't decided on her outfit the night before... always a cause for great concern for me... because the girl is not even a Teen yet - and she can try on SEVERAL outfits before she comes out of her room!? Once again - we skipped the curling her hair deal... I think she has decided to just let it be natural - which means wavy... it's gorgeous - but she usually wants me to straighten it or flip it... at least for the first few weeks... seems we have skipped that ritual completely... it may be that school starts so much earlier?! Either way - we skipped it DID manage to get to school on time though... praise God! Today - after school - Shopping! (Well - secondhand shopping - need to get those shorts!?) I think this weekend I will get the tennis shoes... I am sure by then - we will learn of a few more things that she 'needs' as well?!
So - today - well - I am still in sweats... need to clean up and am watching a chick flick today with our roomie... it's my first day with nothing really planned and I am thoroughly enjoying it!!! I am STILL WAITING for Boise pictures... need to order my Mother/Daughter Trip photo's too... but I have started a church Scrapbook group - and we don't meet until September 21!?!? I don't think I can wait that long though... It's been over a week since I have scrapped anything... a card... a gift... a mini... nothing?! So - this afternoon I hope to clean off my scrap table again and order my pictures today or tomorrow... so - well - during my Scrap Group (called "Scrap Happy!"), I may end up just working on my Christmas Cards instead!?
Scrap On!


Darcie said...

Sounds like a great "offical" first day! :o) Didn't you get them memo-NO pictures at middle school!? Have you not been reading Natalies blog- we had to stop her too, lol.

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yeah... only maybe Natalie and my kids don't MIND getting their pictures taken... maybe we even asked and they said it was FINE... or maybe we are smart enough to sneak the pictures like a Stalker Mom and not embarrass them completely?! LOL!?

You will notice the posed picture is outside our front door - in the same spot I ALWAYS take the First Day of School pix... and the others - well - they were taken from within the confines of my own car... real quick like - when no one was watching?!