Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fall is in the Air... What makes a Good Day?

So... what makes a Good Day for you!?

It is Fall... Back to School Days... Back to Routines and Back to Schedules...

No more Lazy Mornings... Pajama Days... or Endless Coffee Dates with friends... Well - at least not as often as over the Summer months!

This morning... I was awake at 6a.m. and actually out of bed and dressed by 6:20a.m. ...and it was actually chilly!? I pulled on my sweat capri's and a long sleeve T... then realized I needed my cozy Sweatshirt too... slipped on my Flip Flops and took my Middle Schooler to school (after about 5 outfits and 2 near fights... I should never have let that one watch What Not To Wear?! She is 11... and she was having a traumatic dilemma because her jeans have a super cool gold silk screened Guitar and Angel Wings on them... and "Rock 'n Roll" on them... and she was not so sure that her top 'matched' her jeans - because her Top had words too... OK - fine - good insight... probably not the best match... but it looks fine... it was not a huge clash or mismatched patterned deal... and Besides, this is DAY THREE ladies... Day 3?! and already she is acting like she has nothing to wear?!?!?!)

I came back home and reluctantly gave up my Flip Flops for my Sketchers... grabbed my Mom - and we headed to the Park to go for a walk! It is a gorgeous day here (in the unknown 'Pacific Northwest') - blue skies and sunshine... warm autumn breeze - leaves just beginning to think of changing colors... we walked and visited and enjoyed actually being up and out so early in the day! We stopped off for a coffee... (I know - sort of makes the whole exercise/walk idea null and void!) I planned on something low-fat and all that... but I saw that they are already promoting their Pumpkin Spice LatteT... Oh MY!? My favorite Fall drink... and then comes Egg Nog Latte's in the Winter! MMmmmmm... Yummy! So - I indulged in a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte and did a little grocery shopping on the way home! Oh yes - the Pineapple... what is better than FRESH Pineapple?!? Grow me some of THAT Natalie - and I WILL come over there (where ever THERE is) and scrap those boxes of pictures for you! LOL! And no... I do NOT have pictures yet?!

Now... after I put a load of clothes in the laundry and maybe dust something... I plan on catching up on my Bible study (Captivating by Stasi Eldridge) and then maybe a bit of Porch Swing time with a new book by Natalie Goldberg on writing... I thought maybe since I am at a block... I would READ about writing for a little bit?! Of course - my Jack Johnson CD is never far away and it is a great day to listen to some Happy Music while I swing out back and enjoy some quiet!

Aaaah - Fall! I simply LOVE it!!! Cooler mornings... warm days... scarves, sweaters, boots, Reminds me of a layout I did last year about Fall... I will maybe post that here if I can find an image of it... I will make it a different post... sort of like another Update... or a Part Two or something?! That way I get 'credit' for two posts in one day!!! LOL!

Anyway - Fall... Routine returns and summer slips away... But it's all good today! It's all good!

So - what about you all!? What little things in life are making you happy lately!? What makes a Good Day for you!?



natalie said...

Wow, sure wish we could grow pineapple up here, wherever we are...

A good day is puffy white clouds, trees that have changed colors, a quiet morning sitting outside with a cup of coffee and a good book...a good day is the phone not ringing and no bills in the mailbox. A good day is crossing things off my to-do-list and feeling like I got a ton accomplished. A good day is my children not bickering or arguing or fighting. A good day is watching the rain fall and having all my blinds open in my house so I can see it and watch it and hear it and step outside to smell it...(LOVE THE RAIN).

P.S. I do really LOVE is my most favorite season especially living where we live now we really get a true feel for fall. I think what I miss about summer is that carefree, wake-up whenever, slip on some shorts, BBQ dinner, take the kids swimming kind of feel. However, I am a routine girl so eventually I will feel back into the swing of the whole routine thing...the other part about summer is this year has been the first summer in YEARS that I have had such a great time...playing, laughing, hanging out with friends, doing different things, scrapbooking twice a's just been so dang fun.

Darcie said...

Hey, now -are you mocking me!? Making fun of my desire to keep my family safe & sound in our secret location, lol!? Fine, I'll give it up-I'm in OHIO! :op

It's been smokey & yucky looking here today, can't see any hills, but hey-it is Ohio after all, not many hills around to see.

A good day-umm pretty much any day other than yesterday or the day a car went through the yard!? LOL! I like Natalie's good day, can I just take that one? :o)

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Sure Darc' - you can have Natalie's day... maybe in her day you will learn how to SPELL Ms. EAST VALLEY... you live in Idaho - NOT Ohio!? Man - are you blonde?!


Darcie said...

Are you crazy-I don't live in Idaho!? You are maybe thinking of Iowa???

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

That's right... it's Iowa...

I - um - well - I forgot... Apparently, I'M blonde!?!!