Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This Little Piggy had a Melt-Down, and this Little Piggy went to Middle School, and this Little Piggy cried all the way home...

OK... so... Yes - that was a LONG (some'in some'in) Title... but it is ALL true?! LOL?!

So - last night - I mentioned in passing to my daughter that her Aunt and Uncle just bought a little Piggy... OK - now - let me just say that I KNEW she would not be HAPPY about their plans for it... but I thought she would just be a bit bewildered... maybe even disgusted - and leave it at that?! I know?! What was I THINKING?! The girl has read Charlotte's Web and all that... she even - as she so hysterically reminded me - bought a new adorable Beanie Baby Piggy while on vacation this summer... however, what I did NOT expect was my "little piggy" having a total and complete meltdown!? No joke... I am talking lying on the floor in a fetal position, hysterically crying?! You think I am exaggerating - oh - but I am not!?!?!? Sure... I like Pigs as much as the next guy... I mean - they are cute and I know SOME people have them for pets... I'm not a huge Pork lover... and I can say that I would not really want to 'own' a pig only to slaughter it in the winter... but?! I did not foresee this reaction!? Not in the least!? The poor thing cried inconsolably for nearly an HOUR?! AN HOUR, Ladies?! Her poor Father was beside himself in confusion... Sigh...?! Yes - I know - I figured out later that it was not just all about the Pig... it was also hormonal... and nerves due to school starting soon and Orientation today... still... ?! Oh my?! I won't even TELL her that they plan on butchering it themselves?! Yuck!? She is now on a "Hoot" Crusade to SAVE THE PIGGY!!! (Good luck with that?!)

So - that brings us to "Piggy # 2"... same child... going to Middle School?! So I said here a few days ago that I gave her the choice of having Mom come along to Orientation or not... at the time she said she didn't really care either way... So - I was sort of planning on going... just thought it would help me to know where she is and what she'll be doing... and it would give me a chance to meet her teachers and all that... but - then again - I remembered back to when I was entering what was then called "Junior High" in 7th grade rather than 6th... Anyway - I digress... I was thinking of when I was starting a new school and how nervous I was... but I would have DIED if my MOM wanted to come to school WITH me... I mean - that is just a really good threat for when they are misbehaving... not just because I want to go along... So - I thought I had better SAVE that threat for later use - if necessary! LOL! I had talked with her again last night and said I wasn't sure - if it looked like other Mom's were going to - I would kinda like to go... but if not - I understood and would just drop her off! Well - this morning - while I was getting ready - she casually asked where I was going and what I would be doing when she was at school!? Hmmm!? OK!? I guess she has changed her mind from 'not caring' to not wanting Mom alongside her... I'll give her that... I helped her to CURL her new Layers and she stressed over what to wear... and yes - that IS a bottle of Tums in her hands... Finally - with minutes to spare (tee hee!) ...we are in the car and on our way to Middle School! I told her then that I would not get my feelings hurt if she would rather not have me there... that I would have not liked having my Mom come with me... but then again - my Mom wasn't NEARLY as cool as I am! LOL! (Smart girlie... she DIDN'T laugh at that one!) So - we pull up and I see all kinds of Mom's walking in with their kids - but MY kid said, "You can just drop me off up there..." Sigh?!

(Yep... here comes "Piggy #3") Well - I DID give her the option... and I have to respect her courage and boldness. My little timid, shy girl is growing up and so I dropped her off at an unknown school - where I know none of the staff or where anything is... I can't check up on her or back her up... I won't know exactly who is in her pack or who her new friends are... or what her teachers are like from that first impression BEFORE they know who my kid is... I pulled out of the crazy-(some'in some'in)-Mr. Mom-"Enter from the NORTH/Exit from the South, you moron!"-Parking lot and headed home... surprised to find myself a wee bit forlorn and teary eyed?! Hey!? What happened to that "Woo-HOO!!! BACK TO SCHOOL!!!" Chant?! I guess it just officially brings an end to her Elementary school years... and officially dawns the new days of Teen Drama, Hysterical Outbursts of Emotion, and yes - Independence!?!?! Hmmm.. maybe I SHOULD have had another kid?! (Just kidding... but I do see now why people have more than one?! LOL!)

So - now - I have just returned from picking her up... we have a friend here and they are watching a movie... and Oh MY - you should have SEEN the way they walked those halls like they owned them ALREADY?! ...OK - put to rest my fears... my Little Piggy is going to be JUST FINE!!!

Scrap On!


bacon babe said...

I like pigs too, they taste good, LOL! Is my "inner farm girl" showing again?

Sorry to hear she was totally devastated about the though of what was going to happen, I'm sure it was more than just the pig, like you said.

Sounds like orientation went well, we don't even have that here, you go to "register" (aka hand over your checkbook & have a picture taken) and then they just show up on the first day, which annoyingly enough is only a half day. They don't even get their locker assignment till the first day! Chloe does have her schedule though, and so far not one class with one friend-can you believe that!?

Ok, must start dinner, perhaps we'll have blt's LOL!

natalie said...

LOL...hormones and pigs...good times...we were able to check out all the classrooms and practice the lockers and even meet a couple of teachers when we went to the final orientation (where we, too, handed over our checkbook...) and my son doesn't seem to have his friends in his class (I'm kinda glad in a way...) and he is totally OK with it saying that he is going to meet "at least 8 new friends" (he has 8 periods...LOL).

I'm off to eat my Ham Hocks and Beans...shhh, don't tell your daughter! LOL. Poor thing!!! Hopefully auntie and uncle won't be getting any little chickens next summer!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Yeah, Kaye doesn't get her Locker (it's for P.E. only) until the first day too... They separate the kids into "Packs" (Mascot is a Wolf... get it?! LOL?!) Anyway - so the kids are put into a large group - and that is who they are with pretty much the whole year... their "Pack" Rooms are all in one area - other than Choir/Band and P.E. so they don't really need a Locker to house their stuff... plus they get two sets of books - one to keep at school and one to have at home - so they don't need to carry a heavy load to and from school all the time either!

She was super nervous because she was in a Pack where she didn't have any friends either... turns out when she got there that one friend (a Christian) from Elementary school was with her and they hang out already quite a bit... so that was great... then she met another gal that is in every single one of her classes - so they hit it off. THEN - towards the end of Orientation, she found out that they sent her the wrong paperwork - and she should have been in a different 'Pack'... and they gave her the option of switching. She would have been with her best friend, and another good friend from church - but she chose to stay where she originally thought she was supposed to be. When she got home - she seemed dazed and confused as to why she did that... LOL! But - I know it was God! Her best friend and the other church friend are both super sweet girls and good influences... but the rest of the Pack - well Girl Drama BIG TIME and VERY Clique-y! So, it is TIME for her to meet some new friends! I assured her that I was pretty sure God had put her in Pack 700 Himself and the fact that she didn't change it when she had the chance was the right thing to do!

She has her schedule and is very happy with it... her only complaint is she is in the last Pack - so that means she is last for lunch... they go at 7:45a.m. and she won't get a lunch break until almost 1pm!? And... she is not so much a breakfast eater?! (Maybe I will just cook up some bacon and stick it in her backpack! =oP Tee hee...) Just kidding - but I will have to send her a little snack to eat between classes I think?!

Anyway - I survived... now the real test will be on Tuesday - when she is in school 'for real' and she is gone ALL DAY!? I always love the first few weeks of School - when they are getting ready and into a routine - and it is before all my weekly meetings start up again... I get to rent and watch girl movies and craft and have myself a little mini-vacation for a couple of weeks anyway! So - I AM looking forward to THAT part!


Corinna said...

ahhhh.... she has such a tender heart. I think that with all that is going on... she is just very sensitive right now.
We also are registered and ready to start SCHOOL! YAY!!!! I am sort of sad that Summer is coming to a close... Oh no I didn't just say that!