Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Painting Party Just Happened Here!

As I was prepping to teach a workshop or two at an upcoming Women's Retreat, I felt led to host a couple of Painting Parties.  You see - my workshops are on Prophetic Painting and I think it is so vital to have people see and appreciate ALL kinds of styles and abilities!

I am an Artist... however I still tend to shrink back from that title - ESPECIALLY when/if I am comparing myself to others.  I am not trained... I wish I could paint things that way I see them!

It is like tennis for me... I love the game! I get it... I know the form and strategy and I know what I WANT my body to do and how I WANT to hit the ball... however I just don't have the ability in real life to do it.  Could I learn? Yes!  I could take lessons and get better with practice for sure!  I am not against that!

However with Prophetic Painting - it is more about your ability to hear God and your willingness to take a risk... to paint what you see and allow the anointing and message to be a blessing to the one who receives it!

So - I wanted to have an array of pieces to show at the workshops and then (shhh!) maybe give some away as well! So today was Round One... and this is what just happened:

How fun is that?  I will host Round Two in a couple of days!
What are YOU working on this weekend?

I am linking up with Jennifer and a community of artists over at Studio JRU...



Denice said...

Mercy, indeed...these are all inspiring! Sisser, you know I'd be there in a heartbeat if I lived just a little bit closer!

Cindy said...

Coming from Studio JRU...this is wonderful! I think prophetic art can only be "imparted" - and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is glad to have "met" you online...we might be "in person" friends if we lived close!

Jen Price said...

So fun! Such amazing pieces, too! So awesome you hosted such a great creative time!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

looks like so much fun! what colorful, wonderful art was made!! :)

Leslie McNeil said...

how fun is that?! loved seeing it! i bet there were some very happy memories with companionship and art-making today!